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Archive for February 16th 2012

This week on the Frotcast we get to talk with adult film actor/ producer/ director Seymore Butts, we have the return of Lindy West as she talks about her online feud with Penn Jillette, Lindy explains the plot of Extremely Loud, and Fake Bret makes an appearance.

  • 00:02:50 - A listener calls in confused by the Dov Charney bit from last week, SNL's Downton Abbey skit gets played, and Vince has a story. The guys talk about Megadeth's lead singer Dave Mustaine supporting Rick Santorum.
  • 00:18:44 - Seymore Butts joins the Frotcast. He talks about some of his favorite titles, his Showtime series Family Business, how he got into the industry, watching himself on screen, dealing with smelly ones, and answers the age old question to spitting in gaping butts. He also takes time to answer listeners' questions such as the most disgusting thing he's seen on set, and ginger pornstars. Mr. Butts talks Vince into getting a scrotum tuck.
  • 0054:10 - Vince recaps the Valentine's Day showcase at Milk Bar, Brendan wants to know what's going on with Vince's hair, and a listener calls in with a creepy, slightly depressing message for Lindy. Fake Bret pops up to talk about his favorite endangered squirrels, his favorite ways to lure them, and SquirrelFest.
  • 01:03:28 - Lindy West returns to talk about LA, Adam Brody, her internet feud with jazzy bassist/magician Penn Jillette (he was framed), and the guys try to clear up The Lion King for her. In the newest chapter of Lindy Explains the Plot Lindy takes on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Be sure to check out Vince at the Hollywood Improv on St. Patrick's Day.

Drunk on! - Adam

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