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We couldn't get the Frotcast gang in the same room this week, but, I do have some interviews to share. The first is with SNL's Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary, who starred in (Kyle) and directed (Dave) Brigsby Bear, a strange yet sweet movie about a kid who's raised off the grid watching a TV show that his father has made just for him. We get deep with Kyle and Dave about the filmmaking process, and about San Diego-based comedy, something they have in common with the Frotcast. The second is with Top Chef host Tom Colicchio, who tells us about his first food memory, the validity of "Jersey red sauce," the way the food industry has changed with the advent of food TV and the internet, and more. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast, email us at frotcast@gmail.com, and we'll be back with the whole gang next week. 


Luc Besson's filmography includes such classics as La Femme Nikita, The Professional, The 5th Element, and... uh... Lucy, that one where Scarlett Johansson accidentally ingests some drugs and becomes the human embodiment of the galaxy brain meme. You know how you can only use 10% of your brain? What if Scarlett Johansson could use 100%? Self-hating PR pro Ed Zitron joins Brendan, Matt, and Vince this week as the Frotcast's first British guest (citation needed?). Other topics include crying Nazis, Tales from NPR, and the Royalty Freestyle. Donate at PATREON DOT COM SLASH FROTCAST! Thanks and Frot on.

00:00 - Talking 'Lucy'

29:00 - Tales from NPR (PRI, in this case, but whatev): The worst podcast ad ever

35:00 - Crying Nazis

1:20:00 - The Royalty Freestyle, with Matt Lieb




341: Matt Ufford

Republicans like to use "San Francisco" as code for everything wrong with the world, and now we're in range of North Korean nukes. Uh... does this mean we're expendable? Our guest, Matt Ufford from SB Nation (and combat veteran!), joins Vince, Matt Lieb, and Brendan to talk about nuclear threats, as well as Matt's Game of Thrones scorecards and Matt gives us a preview of this season of Hard Knocks (see also: anecdotes from former NFL left tackle, Brendan). Enjoy and Frot on! Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast.

3:00 - Which city would we sacrifice to North Korean nukes.
12:30 - That Google engineer who got fired for saying girls can't code good
19:35 - Talking Game of Thrones, like every podcast ever.
37:35 - Brendan explains what it's like to be too old for a bachelor party
48:00 - Matt Ufford's preview of this season of Hard Knocks.



Do you love Robocop (1987)? Then you'll love this Frotcast (maybe)! Comedian Joey Avery and Matt Lieb from The Star Wars show watched Robocop for the first time, to discuss it with Robocop superfans Vince Mancini and Brendan. Also this week -- we talk the strange phenomenon of Ready Player One (soon to be a major motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg) and examine some of the author's slam poetry (mmm, member berries). We've also got the Worst Takes of The Week and an appreciation of tortured music reviews. Enjoy, and Frot on. Donate at patreon.com/frotcast.

2:23 - Talking Ready Player One, member berries, and the author's old slam poetry
33:50 - Discussing the 1987 classic, Robocop.
45:21 - Paul Verheoven's perverted teen boy sensibility
59:00 - Appreciating the Zucker Brothers classics like Naked Gun and Airplane!
1:05:00 - Worst takes of the week!


Do you remember the good ol' boy movies of the 1970s? The ones that celebrated a guy, who maybe wasn't particularly handsome, or smart, or heroic, but he loved sweet cars, was always up for a good time, and inexplicably surrounded by hot willing women? Well Mike Sacks remembers those movies, which is why he wrote 'Stinker Lets Loose,' the novelization of a "lost" 1976 CB radio classic about a cross-country trucker sent to deliver a shipment of Coors to the president -- accompanied by his overweight buddy and a female chimp in heat. We talk to Mike about his book, discuss Game of Thrones, and get the scoop on Comic-Con from Matt Lieb (of 'The Star Wars Show!'), who just got back from there. Starring Vince Mancini, Joey Avery, and Matt Lieb. Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast, and Frot on.

3:20 - Is Game of Thrones jumping the shark if I'll keep watching it no matter how much I complain?
13:52 - We talk to Mike Sacks, author of 'Stinker Lets Loose,' the novelization of a non-existent 70s CB radio adventure comedy.
22:35 - Actual excerpt from the 'Stinker Lets Loose' audiobook
41:35 - Matt Lieb tells us all about his Comic-Con experience.
1:06:27 - Listener emails. We talk Chester from Linkin Park and celebrity death in general.


This week on the Frotcast, we take advantage of our all-millennial panel (comedians Matt Lieb, Joey Avery, and Kollin Holtz) to introduce them to the critically-acclaimed 1980s classic, The Untouchables. Will they love it?! Before we get to that, we discuss Game of Thrones on Chemo Couch Time with Ben, and answer your emails. Email us at frotcast@gmail.com, donate at Patreon.com/frotcast. Frot on!

6:58 - Discussing Rooney Mara never having eaten pie before prior to A Ghost Story
18:47 - Chemo Couch Time With Ben! Ben gives us his thoughts on all the shows he's been watching while laid up on chemo.
24:29 - Game Of Thrones, and the bad take that the appeal is "liberals secretly longing for monarchy"
43:00 - Matt Lieb explains how to do heroin (again)
1:01:18 - The Untouchables
1:27:00 - Answering your emails


This week on the Frotcast, Justin Halpern, recently of Powerless, joins to talk about his cancelled show being Adam West's final screen credit, accuse Vince of being the new Armond White, and tell apocryphal stories about Lord and Miller on the set of Method Man shows. We talk about the critical hive mind, what Lord and Miller must've done to get canned from the Han Solo movie, DC fans, Marvel, and more. This week's hosts are Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk/Uproxx and Matt Lieb from AJ+/The Star Wars Show. Frot on! 

4:55 - The Return Of Fake Bret
6:30 - Talkin' Otto Warmbier
11:30 - Talkin' All Eyez On Me and music biopic tropes
15:25 - Justin Halpern joins via Skype
28:00 - Justin's story about Lord and Miller and Method Man
30:00 - Speculating about the Lord and Miller/Star Wars split
31:40 - Justin brings in RESEARCH, to bolster his Vince Mancini/Armond White theory.
55:00 - The Mummy, and Justin's incredible story about getting negged by Brendan Fraser's publicist.
1:00:00 - The Case Against Keith Olbermann
1:26:00 - Royalty Freestyle for Emmett
1:29:33 - Royalt Freestyle for Matthew C.


This week on the Frotcast, we break down Colin Trevorrow's Book of Henry (the worst film of the year?), the week's worst takes (both Cosby and Kevin Durant-based), and Uber's disastrous board meeting. Panel includes Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, Brendan, and fresh from the Giants game, Joey Avery.

3:00 - Uber's awesome press conference

16:15 - Is 'Book of Henry' the worst movie of the year? And how much of the plot can Brendan predict without having seen it?

40:00 - The Worst Takes Of The Week

1:25:00 - Emails


I interview Demetri Martin. "Sexist" Wonder Woman reviews? The Mummy, and the rise of the "shared universe." Tom Cruise's ageless asexuality. Is the Babadook gay?Your email questions. Your panel includes Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk/Uproxx, co-host Brendan, and comedians Matt Lieb and Allison Mick. Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast!

Intro - Is Wonder Woman a Zionist?
5:33 - Edelstein's Wonder Woman review: deserved dragging or unfair?
10:15 - American Gods/We imagine what different celebrities' dicks might look like
12:00 - The Mummy, and how it made Wonder Woman look that much more groundbreaking.
22:30 - Demetri Martin talks about his new film 'Dean,' starting out as a stand up, and more.
59:21 - The ouvre of Tom Cruise


Drew Magary from Deadspin/GQ (whose latest novel, The Hike, drops on paperback in July) by this week to talk Big Summer Camp, Fargo, and whether sports reporters are more obnoxious than film critics. We also talk Netflix's Roger Stone documentary, Get Me Roger Stone. Is it not ironic that the guy who brought the "cuck"-shouting alt-right to national prominence was once run out of Washington over a scandal about letting other men have sex with his wife? Why do all of the bad things seem to come from Nixon? And what the hell is going on with the guy's skull? Naturally, we finish off with the Royalty Freestyle. Frot on and enjoy, donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.

1:00 - Drew Magary joins, to complain about Big Summer Camp
19:00 - Talking Baywatch, and the idea of the self-referential movie
29:00 - Fargo
35:00 - More tolerable, group of film critics or group of sports reporters
52:33 - 'Get Me Roger Stone'
1:01:50 - We find out about Ben Jacobs getting bodyslammed by congressional candidate Greg Gianforte in real time and can't stop laughing.
1:12:10 - The Royalty Freestyle. "Everything is a twist in this life."



Lost City of Z author David Grann's new book, Killers of the Flower Moon, is about the mass murder -- through gunshots, bombs, and poisoning -- of almost the better part of an entire generation of Osage Indians in the teens and 1920s, carried out in order to inherit their lucrative mineral rights. Originally hailed as one of the FBI's first and defining successes, Grann's investigation uncovers for the first time the true extent of the "Osage Reign Of Terror," which wasn't just a single plot, but rather an interlocking web of conspiracy and corruption that sought to usurp American Indian wealth and was only possible through collusion at every level of society. One of the first examples of the FBI investigating corruption among local police, Grann's book comes out at a time when Attorney General Jeff Sessions is actively trying to weaken the federal government's mandate to police local police ("it is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies" read a Sessions memo from April). This week I talk to Grann about his book's relevance, the relationship between racism and greed, and the dying art of shoeleather reporting. In addition to that, it's Alien: Covenant week on the Frotcast, so we're watching and breaking down the 1979 original, Alien. Panel includes Vince Mancini, Frotcast co-host Brendan, and comedians Joey Avery and Matt Lieb.




Would Guardians Of The Galaxy even exist without The Fifth Element? The Luc Besson classic turns 20 this week, the same week as Star Wars Day, which is fitting, because The Fifth Element is my Star Wars. We're talking Fifth Element this week with Matt Lieb from AJ+, Brendan (who thinks the Fifth Element is dumb!) and Vince. We also talk Fyre Festival, hockey names, and play the Royalty Freestyle, with Matt Lieb. Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast.

1:55 - Breaking down the Fyre Festival because we didn't get to last week.
12:45 - Hockey names, and our Name Of The Year pick for next year, Tait Purk.   
24:07 - The Fifth Element
53:00 - Emails
1:09:05 - The Royalty Freestyle


This week on the Frot, I chat with TV critic Alan Sepinwall about Breaking Bad and Peak TV, and we talk about Alex Jones and the Berkeley bike lock bandit conspiracy (or not). We also talk Veep, Silicon Valley's Papa Roach joke, and The Leftovers. Panel includes Matt Lieb from AJ+, Brendan, and comedian Jane Harrison, who had her first lesbian experience this past week and is now a squirting truther. Hooray! Enjoy and Frot on! Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast. Produced by Vince Mancini. 

1:11 - Jane immediately derails the show with her lesbian experience.
5:55 - We talk about Alex Jones and his Chobani lawsuit with former Chobani spokes person Matt Lieb.
10:44 - A brief appearance by El Chapo
13:00 - Talkin' TV with Alan Sepinwall
38:00 - Talkin The Leftovers
44:33 - We play the Leftovers-inspired "F, Marry, Depart" with right wing news personalities.
56:26 - We segue from 9/11 trutherism into Jane becoming a squirting truther.
1:01:10 - The Silicon Valley Papa Roach joke, and was it just a magnificent coincidence?
1:11:55 - Emails! Specifically, a question about the Berkeley bike lock attack guy.


As our former co-host Bret says, "I don't actually believe most people want freedom or fulfillment. Most people want to die barfing from eating a thousand Doritos Locos Snickers Icecream Tacos while jerking off to a giant bug zapper that says 'TITS.'" It seems to me that this observation applies especially well to The Fate Of The Furious, a movie so excessive it's kind of exhausting. At least, that's what I think. My guests Brian Grubb (formerly Danger Guerrero) of Uproxx and Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair are still onboard for all of Dom Toretto's shenanigans, no matter how fast nor furious. This week we talk the value of Roman and Tej, Russian submarine hacking, racing for pinks, and ultimately, Juicero and the saga of Silicon Valley's strange $700 juice squeezing machine. Hack the planet and keep frotting a quarter mile at a time. Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast


SB Nation's Matt Ufford joins the Frot-fun this week, to talk the United incident (we couldn't help ourselves!), celebrity encounters, and the Big Little Lies finale. The rest of the Frot crew includes Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, and Joey Avery. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast, and frot on!     


Leah Carroll's mom was murdered when she was four by a man who would go on to receive protection from the Rhode Island Police, until he died himself just a few years later of a heart attack during a road rage incident on his way to go skydiving while carrying a pocket full of cocaine. And that's not even the craziest part of the story. We hear the tale first hand from Leah, who just published Down City: A Daughter's Story of Love, Memory, and Murder. This week's Frot-crew includes Vince, Brendan, and comedians Joey Avery and Matt Lieb. We also try to cast the inevitable S-Town movie, and talk Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast. 



Anyone see that meme going around about Paul Ryan driving off listening to Papa Roach the other day? Justin Halpern made that, as a joke, as a callback to an old story he told on the Frotcast, but everyone wanted to believe it so much that it quickly went viral. This week on the Frotcast, we talk to Justin about the origin and the aftermath, and what it's like having your dumb joke critiqued by the New York Times and the Washington Post, and being cussed out online by an ethics professor. Comedians Allison Mick and Matt Lieb join Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk in studio. Other topics include Chappelle's specials (and possible problematicness), public shaming, and remembering Chuck Barris by watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Enjoy and Frot on, donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast

Intro - Matt discusses his slot machine app addiction and how it's related to his heroin addiction.
3:00 - Is Dave Chappelle problematic now?
25:00 - Enforcing the social contract and the ups and downs of public shaming
39:20 - Justin Halpern joins us to update us on the Paul Ryan/Papa Roach meme, and what happens when you tweet a funny fake thing and it goes viral.
1:28:00 - Talking Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
1:48:01 - Emails


This week, it's everyone's favorite Frotcast of the year, the Name of the Year Draft! Matt Ufford from SB Nation joins Vince, Matt Lieb, and Brendan, to choose our team of the silliest names (all real names of real people). We also talk a little Trainspotting, Jeremy Renner's iPhone app, the wildest local news from Australia, and of course, the Royalty Freestyle. Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.


2:00 - A Texas woman wakes up with foreign accent syndrome. "U wot, mate?"

8:00 - Talking Trainspotting and Trainspotting 2

10:00 - Is Artie Lange the Rasputin of comedy?

14:54 - We begin this year's Name Of The Year Draft

1:05:05 - This week's Alex Jones montage

1:11:05 - We download Jeremy Renner's iPhone app

1:21:10 - The Royalty Freestyle, song one, for Charlie P.

1:24:13 - Royalty Freestyle #2, for Greg M.

1:29:13 - Royalty Freestyle #3, for Aymeric

1:33:43 - Local News Corner from Australia


Big show this week! Matt Lieb was accepted into the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Vince is back from Dubai, and Powerless Executive Producer Justin Halpern guests. Comedian Joey Avery is also in the Frotquarters, where we talk the Matrix reboot, Beauty and the Beast's gay character controversy, that BBC interview guy trying to steal Halpern's thunder, and Jenna Elfman's new imaginary friend show. Enjoy, or go Frot yourself! Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.

2:50 - The Matrix reboot, and the internet's most lukewarm takes about it.

15:30 - Matt Lieb on 'Get Out'

21:00 - Comedy: what we think is funny vs what the audience thinks is funny, and the compromise.

42:00 - Matt has a story about identical twins dating the same guy

43:30 - Justin Halpern joins the pod (to hear the end of Matt's twin story)

57:13 - Justin refuses to be outdone by the BBC interview guy with his own baby interruptions

1:00:00 - Some of this year's most Mormon Mormon names, from ByCommonConsent

1:07:30 - Justin has a Tommy Lee Jones story.

1:11:50 - Justin talks Powerless, and explains why network shows have such a polished "look" to them.

1:17:26 - I talk Dubai for a bit while Justin tends to his child

1:28:44 - We talk 'Imaginary Mary,' Jenna Elfman's imaginary friend show, which quickly transitions into Matt's irrational hatred for Laura Linney.


Was this the craziest Oscars ever, or what? We relive the insanity, with Seattle film critic Laremy Legel, joining comedian Joey Avery, Vince, and Brendan in the Frotquarters. Was it Warren Beatty's fault? Will those Price Waterhouse Cooper accountants commit seppuku in penance? What if it had been Moonlight that had their award taken away mid-speech? We discuss that, Fifty Shades Darker, Jason Whitlock's terrible JFK take, and Mike Pence looking like a Lego man. Enjoy and Frot on. Patreon.com/Frotcast


It's Oscars week, and the Frotcast is breaking down the nominees, the history, the betting odds... haha just kidding, we're helping you plan your drinking games and breaking down the last movies we saw. Joining hosts Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk and Brendan are Matt Lieb from AJ+/The Star Wars Show and SB Nation's Matt Ufford. We discuss whether liking La La Land makes you super white, the possible Anti-Semitism-washing of Cinderella Man, and whether Brendan was wrong for loving Braveheart. Finally, we answer your emails about life choices and baldness. Enjoy and Frot on! Patreon.com/Frotcast


This week on the Frotcast, comedian Joe Sinclitico (Adam Devine's House Party) joins hosts Vince Mancini (FilmDrunk) and Brendan (former NFL practice squad member) to discuss North Korean assassinations, Taboo, and the genius Norm MacDonald. Later, we're joined by Lee Keeler of Devastator Press, who's publishing a memoir written in the style of a trading card price guide. Enjoy and frot on! Patreon.com/Frotcast

1:53 - Donald Trump's epic non-answer to the two-state solution.

6:00 - Joe Sinclitico joins the party.

7:00 - North Korea's assassination of Kim Jong-nam and how it'd make a great movie.

23:00 - Talking Taboo, aka The Tom Hardy Telly Program

32:00 - Bald guys who wear hats: at what point do you take the hat off?

55:15 - The genius of Norm MacDonald

1:04:00 - We're joined by Lee Keeler of Devastator Press, to promote Ryan Bartoski's Emotionally Relevant Trading Card Guide

1:27:30 - Emails!


This week on the Frotcast, we talk Sundance, Kellyanne Conway's lost stand-up set, Fifty Shades Darker, this season's top five TV shows, and of course, the Royalty Freestyle. Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini are in the Frotquarters, joined by comedian Jane Harrison in her last Frotcast before she moves to Chicago for her big new job at The Onion. Also, it's the return of Ben! Ben's been out having some cancerous organs removed, but on the upside, he's been watching lots of TV while recovering -- hence, Chemo Couch Time, with Ben, in which he names this season's best television shows, from Westworld to Taboo. Enjoy, and Frot on! Donate at Patreon.com/Frotcast


This week we have a special edition Frotcast, recorded at the Sundance Film Festival, in which I, Vince Mancini, am joined by Jeff Bayer from Movie BS, with Bayer and Snider, and Dan Mecca, from The Film Stage. We chat about the Oscars and about Sundance -- namely, what's it like when 100,000 assholes from the coast cram into a tiny mountain town for a week? After that, I have some excerpts from my interviews with Jack Black, who stars in The Polka King, and Brett Gelman, who stars in Lemon. Back to regular Frotcasting next week! Patreon.com/Frotcast

4:00 - Are we good with Mel Gibson now? Is all forgiven?
9:30 - We rate the free food and hors d'ouvres we gorged on at after parties for movies we may or may not have seen.
14:30 - Our bus encounter with David Arquette
36:00 - Jack Black interview
50:15 - Brett Gelman interview


The Frotcast rings in 2017 with a spirited breakdown of Donald Trump and urine-gate, Meryl Streep's sports-dissing Golden Globe speech, Dan Nainan the 52-year-old millennial comedian, the year's best lacrosse names, La La Land, and of course, the Royalty Freestyle. Comedian Jane Harrison guests, joining Matt Lieb from Viceland/AJ+/The Star Wars Show, FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini, and Frotcast co-star Brendan. Laugh hard, Frot on.


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