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This week on the Frotcast, Brendan, Matt, and Bret are off, but Jen Yamato from the Daily Beast and Evan Saathoff from Birth, Movies, Death are on the line to discuss 'Army of One,' this week's Nic Cage release. Is this Nic Cage's craziest performance to date? What other movies are in the conversation? What the hell is going on with this bizarre movie? We also discuss Gary Faulkner, the real-life "Rocky Mountain Rambo" upon whom the movie was based, and his life traveling to Pakistan to hunt Osama Bin Laden while on dialysis. Also, the fact that Nic Cage's insane voice in Army of One sounds nothing like Gary Faulkner's. Enjoy. 


Election 2016, we couldn't *not* talk about it. Is this the worst thing that could've happened? Who's to blame, besides everyone? How do we cope with President Trump? This week's guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Joe Sinclitico. Joe and I both saw 'Arrival,' and offer our no-spoilers reviews. We also try to break down the multiple timelines theory of Westworld, answer your emails, and of course, Crystal Corner, the segment about people who've turned to magical crystals.

3:00 - Trump is president, 'wop' is back.
7:00 - Matt's tale of the sad mariachi band hired to celebrate a Clinton victory trudging home without playing a note.
10:00 - We've had dipshit idealogues, and smart demagogues, but is this our first dipshit demagogue?
18:39 - Aaron Sorkin's open letter. Ya think?!
21:18 - Speaking of smugness, more "out of the mouths of babes" tweets of people assigning profound thoughts to their 8-year-olds.
32:15 - Listener email backing up and expanding my point about 80s comedies being obsessed with people eating weird food.
35:30 - Joe and I discuss Arrival (a no-spoiler discussion)
39:45 - Movie theater etiquette
57:20 - Westworld and the multiple timeline theory, and also what Joe would do in Westworld.
1:10:35 - Because he's been driving and off the grid, we get to break the news to Matt that Leonard Cohen is dead and get to hear his fresh reaction to the news.
1:15:30 - EMAILS. How to deal with talking politics with shitty relatives and co-workers
1:28:10 - Crystal Corner


Anthony Weiner was back in the news recently, sort of, so we take a look back on the incredible political documentary 'Weiner,' and see if it feels any different now, knowing what we know about him. After that we discuss 'Borat,' which turns 10 years old this week. Then we have Crystal Corner, which isn't strictly about crystals this week, but adult Summer camp, which seems at least crystal adjacent. Guests include comedian Matt Lieb from Flophouse and the Star Wars Show, and Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine's House Party, with Vince Mancini and Brendan in the studio. Other topics include: whose bloated corpse does Ted Cruz most resemble, and would Rachel Dolezal be considered a f*ckboy.

Intro - Matt loudly sips tea, Joe raps, and we start talking 'Weiner.'
17:47 - We argue over whose bloated corpse Ted Cruz resembles #HotCarDad
37:19 - It's the 10th anniversary of Borat! So we talk about that. 
44:45 - Which Borat characters we feel the worst for
54:00 - We argue over whether a f*ckboi is different than a sadboi. What is a f*ckboi, anyway?
55:54 - "Is Rachel Dolezal a f*ckboi?" A Joe Sinclitico segment.
58:40 - CRYSTAL CORNER, which, this week, is actually an incredible article about an adult camp. 
1:15:00 - The perils of traveling alone

This week on the Frotcast, we're discussing the classic 1986 blackface comedy, Soul Man, starring C. Thomas Howell. Did this film "predict Obama's rise," as Armond White believes? Comedians Matt Lieb and Allison Mick join Brendan and me (Vince Mancini) in the studio. Soul Man's assertion that the 80s were "the Cosby decade" also lead us into a discussion of Cosby and 80s movies. We finish off with NPR corner and "The Royalty Freestyle," in which we force Matt Lieb to improvise lyrics to royalty-free music. This week's offerings include a song about SIDS. Enjoy, and Frot on.

Intro - Soul Man, and Armond White's assertion that it predicted Obama
45:42 - Tales From NPR
57:00 - Matt Lieb imagines Hailee Steinfeld's slap bass album, leading to this week's Brendan Uncontrollably Laughing segment.
1:08:00 - Soul Man's assertion that the 80s are "the Cosby decade" leads to a Cosby discussion.
1:15:20 - The Royalty Freestyle, including a very special song about SIDS, and "I'm Gonna Bring A Gun To School"
1:33:08 - Matt Lieb is angry about California's marijuana-legalization proposition.


This week on the Frotcast, we decided to talk about Ken Bone. His story seems emblematic of some of the worst of the internet, where we decide you're a certain thing one day and celebrate you for it, and then the next day try to destroy for not being that thing we decided you were good enough. This leads us into So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Justine Sacco, and Melissa Villaseñor. After that we talk some Westworld, diverge into "grab that pussy"-gate, and finish off discussing the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. This week's Frotcrew includes Brendan, Flophouse comedian Matt Lieb, and Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine's House Party. Enjoy, and Frot responsibly. 

Intro - Be warned, Matt brought his slide guitar this week. 
23:00 - Talking Jon Ronson's 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed' and Justine Sacco.
41:40 - Justine Sacco gets us to talking about Melissa Villaseñor's "problematic tweets" controversy.
54:50 - Brendan has some fire takes about Westworld 
1:10:21 - Talking "Grab That Pussy"-gate and whether we have some kind of grab that pussy moment. 
1:29:00 - Discussing the Amanda Knox Netflix doc and wanting to punch Nick Pisa.

Comedians Joey Avery and Jane Harrison join Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters with Flophouse's LA Matt (Matt Lieb) blooping in through Skype. This week, we're talking the season premiere of Westworld on HBO. Yeah or nah? What's up with Ed Harris's character? Is Anthony Hopkins a great actor or is he just great at playing Anthony Hopkins? Also, the big Salesforce circle jerk, Dreamforce is in San Francisco this week, and Joey even had a comedy gig during an afterparty. So we rip on Salesforce and tech for a while. We also get into the VP debate, introduce a brand new segment of Crystal Corner, and answer your emails. Enjoy! Patreon.com/Frotcast


Comedians Matt Lieb and Joey Avery are in the Frotquarters this week, to talk about the first presidential debate between Trump and Hillary, the saga of Matt Lieb's possibly Anti-Semitic Bumble girlfriend, and this week's homoerotic job postings (as well as a discussion of homoeroticism in general, which we're all, not shockingly, in favor of). Oh, and how the South is apparently in the midst of a clown epidemic. Enjoy!

3:05 - The job listing of the week: for a "dude focused" #content editor, written so that it sounds like a Manswers segment. 
11:20 - In praise of homoeroticism
17:10 - Matt Lieb's story of his "worst-ever dating experience."
46:30 - Thoughts on the first presidential debate between Trump and Hillary
1:29:15 - Pepe the Frog Meme, and how it relates to previous discussions about trying to "poison pill" your #content
1:37:21 - The Clown Epidemic 

This week on the Frotcast, LA Matt aka Matt Lieb returns from his ban to join Vince, returning from TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival) to talk Adrien Grenier's NY Mag profile, Snowden and Oliver Stone, Nate Parker and Birth of a Nation, and of course perform a few segments of the "Royalty Freestyle."  Brendan joins about 30 minutes in. We're sorry. 


This week, we discuss Shane Black's recently-released-on-DVD stooge noir, The Nice Guys, starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Is it an action movie? A comedy? Does believability matter? Is Ryan Gosling playing Wile E. Coyote? We ponder all those questions as well as our recent news obsessions, like the cinematic rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, Apple headphones, and The Night Of. Panel includes comedian Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine's House Party, and Joey Avery, fresh off his one-episode arc on Fox's Coupled. 

4:45 - Elizabeth Holmes and the incredible story of her $9 billion fake tech company
10:00 - Elizabeth Holmes' insane voice
18:50 - Joe tries to show Joey his future in comedy
28:47 - In praise of Brooklyn, and arthouse movies that are more than what you'd imagine
36:00 - The Nice Guys
42:41 - A digression into The Night Of
50:30 - Are we bored of "big action sequences" because we're getting old or because they're less novel now? 
58:30 - News story of the week, the USA Freedom Girls getting stiffed by the Trump campaign
1:10:35 - Abbreviated emails and Crystal Corner, including The Ballad Of Big Dick Pierre 

Is the original Point Break a classic? Is it a good-good movie, a good-bad movie, or a bad-bad movie? And what does that say for the remake? Critics didn't like the original that much when it came out, but by the time the remake came they were calling it a masterpiece. What does that say for the remake? Will it eventually be respected? We ponder all these questions and more, with the help of guest Francesca Fiorentini from AJ+. Comedian Joey Avery is sitting in for Bret this week, with Brendan and Vince returning. We also talk the hottest Colin Kaepernick takes, Crystal Corner, and your emails. 


With Werner Herzog's new internet documentary, Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World expanding this week, the Frotcast is all about the internet. We discuss the actual documentary as well tangents from it. The internet is one the most scalable technologies ever created, but did our humanity scale with it? In Don't Woke Daddy, we discuss "the satire paradox," and Malcolm Gladwell's recent critique of SNL's Sarah Palin sketches and Steven Colbert. Are we actually trying to change anyone's mind or just make people laugh? After that, Crystal Corner. Apparently "mysticore" is the new normcore. Hooray for CHAOS MAGICK. Comedian Jane Harrison guests, with Irregular Regular Matt Lieb joining Vince, Bret, and Brendan via Skype. 


This week on the Frotcast, Matt Lieb, Bret, and Brendan are all back in the studio for a discussion of William Friedkin's The French Connection (1971). Are the cops supposed to be heroic? Is this the best car chase in cinema? What is about a hyper-focused narrative that's so compelling? All that and more, but first, we talk about Ryan Lochte and his Brazilian robbery ("hobbery") story and Matt's in-character appearance (as "LA Matt") on North Carolina local news. We've also got Matt Lieb Improvises Lyrics To Royalty-Free Songs (aka "Royalty Freestyle"), Tales From NPR, Crystal Corner, and a second week in a row where I spend five minutes trying to explain to one of my co-hosts who Miles Teller is. Enjoy. 

We all saw David Ayer's Suicide Squad this week, which wasn't great, but is strangely fun to dissect. We discuss the strange development of Suicide Squad, then Justin Halpern comes on to tell us his own strange development stories, from Sh-t My Dad Says to present, along with a great story about John Slattery from Mad Men. We finish things off with Crystal Corner, and "Fill My Hole," in which we name things to watch, read, and listen to, to fill the emptiness inside. Enjoy! 

6:15 - My defense of my mild positive Suicide Squad review
15:00 - How Suicide Squad is bad, and yet the typical nerd criticisms of it are all wrong.
19:35 - Talking Jared Leto's performance, the explanation of the Joker's dumb grill, and how happy Jared Leto makes us. 
22:40 - Movies that are Suicide Squad but better
25:00 - The list of Jared Leto's favorite books
34:00 - Justin Halpern comes on, interrupting our musical segment
43:00 - Arguing over who has the weirder mouth, Michael Phelps or Andrew Luck
46:30 - The idea of having to sell a creative project after you've stopped believing in it.
48:00 - Justin's wonderful John Slattery story. 
52:15 - The insane development story behind Nine Lives
1:18:00 - Crystal Corner
It's the reboot episode, where The Frotcast becomes simply "Frotcast." Clean, rad, powerful. Hey, remember your childhood? It's back! This week on Frotcast, we're talking all about nostalgia -- reboots, prequels, gender swaps, and homages -- starting with Stranger Things. Is it even an homage or is it just a fun show? Then, Sympathy For The Drivel, where we name our favorite prequels and try to decide what other thing could use a prequel. Regulars Vince Mancini, Bret, and Brendan are in the Frotquarters this week, with Irregular Regular Matt Lieb joining via phone (LA Matt, #Squib). Old favorite Laremy Legel even drops by with a list, and Millennial Correspondent Joey Avery pops in to explain why Millennials aren't having the sex anymore. 

6:25 - Stranger Things (no spoilers!)
16:44 - Matt Lieb's tragic story about being left out of the "suck and blow" game in seventh grade
18:30 - Does a bland or simple narrative help world building/execution
21:12 - The Night Of (again, no real spoilers)
30:00 - Sympathy For The Drivel
37:30 - Jared Leto corner
48:00 - "Okay, Shut Up," with Brendan's choice, The Naked Gun
54:22 - The new bumper for Matt Lieb Improvises Lyrics To Royalty-Free Songs (followed by him actually doing a song)
1:02:00 - Email question: What music did you listen to as a youth that you still do, and what did you grow to love?
1:13:13 - Laremy Legel joins us with a brand new list

FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini is joined by comedian Joe Sinclitico (Adam Devine's House Party), Matt Lieb (Flophouse), and filmmaker Bobby Hacker (Cars 1-3, not the Pixar one) for an LA edition of the Frotcast. The sound of Joe vaping throughout really ties the Frotcast together. We discuss comedy, and We Are Not Your Guru, the Netflix Tony Robbins documentary. 

Joe reveals that he used to work at Trump University, and how that relates to the specific brand of dog-eat-dog masculinity that Tony Robbins promotes. Bobby Hacker reveals that he used to work in a Boiler Room situation, and we talk about the rich history of movies like Wall Street, Boiler Room, and Wolf of Wall Street, where people who love wealth porn miss the entire point of the work. Matt and Joe rap battle, we play Matt Lieb improvises lyrics to royalty-free music, and we discuss Revenge of the Nerds and American Pie as evidence of rape culture. 

Intro - Matt introduces us to "LA Matt." #Squib
7:30 - Bobby Hacker explains "digital make-up" in production.
9:19 - Blood Father, with Mel Gibson.
13:20 - Did Louis CK ruin comedy by being too good?
15:30 - Joe's comedy rap battle. Joe and Matt rap battle for some reason
24:00 - Back to Louis CK without the rap battle distraction
40:00 - Discussion of I Am Not Your Guru, the Netflix Tony Robbins "documentary" (concert video). 
38:58 - Joe's anecdote about working for Trump University.
49:42 - Bobby Hacker worked on a cruise ship
1:02:32 - Matt Lieb improvises lyrics to royalty-free music
1:11:10 - Your emails.
Frotcast 300! I never thought the podcast that Splitsider called “consistently one of the most feminist groups of disgusting dudes on the internet,” and “regularly the grossest, least politically correct bunch of dudes” would make it this far, but here we are. This week, comedian Brandon Wardell (with whom I have a show at the Hollywood Improv Wednesday July 27th, tickets here) joins us to talk about the #DicksOutForHarambe movement (since co-opted by Milo Yiannopoulos) and review a free Smash Mouth concert. Then, Sh*t My Dad Says' Justin Halpern joins us to review San Andreas and tell a Larry the Cable Guy story. We also have Tales From NPR and Crystal Corner. Vince, Bret, and Joey Avery are in the Frotquarters this week. Enjoy. 

3:00 - Stephan Jenkins at the RNC. Is there a way to troll the RNC without sounding super smug? Does it matter?
9:30 - Eric Andre interrupts an Alex Jones rally, wins the Giant Brass Balls Award
17:45 - Brandon Wardell joins. We talk about our comedy show next week and #DicksOutForHarambe and the Smash Mouth concert he just attended.
31:40 - Tales From NPR
37:00 - Trolls, Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones leaving Twitter
51:40 - Justin Halpern. Justin reviews San Andreas, tells us a story about Larry the Cable Guy trying to convince someone Obama is a Muslim.
1:32:43 - Your emails and voicemail questions. Including, what movie did you see as a child that you definitely should NOT have been watching? 

You're either with Paul Feig's new Ghostbusters or you're with the misogynists, or so the internet has decreed, which is at least mildly annoying to those of us who don't really care about a big budget reboot either way. It feels wrong to divert activism energy towards a ghost movie. I mean, where were the people crowing about proving the misogynists wrong during the release of Maggie's Plan (insert other movie written and directed by a woman here)? But then people share pictures of smiling little girls at the premiere and you have to concede they have a point. I mean, those little girls probably weren't going to show up to Maggie's Plan. And Hollywood was going to make dumb reboots anyway, right? Maybe this one will at least be a "net good," even if you don't particularly care to argue with some dumb neckbeard? That's my question to the Frotcrew this week (Me - Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, Bret, and Brendan), though we also talk the most NPR thing we've ever heard (Tales From NPR), a 14-year-old's woke slam poem, Crystal Corner, and of course, force Matt Lieb to sing fully-improvised royalty free songs. Enjoy and frot on.

00:00 - Ghostbusters (also Preacher, Matt's tuna sandwich)
15:20 - Lebowski fest, and encounters with the real-life Dude, Jeff Dowd.
24:03 - Tales From NPR. 
37:49 - Wokest slam poem
52:20 - Fully improvised royalty-free music jams with Matt.
1:09:31 - Crystal Corner
1:23:00 - Bret introduces us to ASMR, which is Bret's quicksand porn, basically.
1:30:00 - Your emails. 

From genius parody of your average moronic sports blog commenter to critically-acclaimed host of his own podcast (Pardon My Take), controversial, divisive, mysterious internet figure PFT Commenter joins the Frotcast this week for his first live appearance. The leader of the "Internet Commenters For Trump" movement explains what goes into crafting the hottest sports takes, how he dealt with the cease and desist letters he received from ESPN and Mike Florio, and disputes SI writer Rick Reilly's recent claim that Kate Upton having three boobs would be bad. Comedian Matt Lieb (Viceland's Flophouse) also returns this week, along with Vince, Brendan, and Bret. Matt sings fully-improvised songs set to royalty-free music, we discuss the OJ 30 for 30, and answer your emails. We also talk about Ice T and Body Count's new cover of "Institutionalized," and offer an abbreviated "Crystal Corner." Enjoy.


Matt Ufford of SB Nation joins Vince Mancini from Uproxx and the rest of the Frotcrew (Bret and Brendan) to discuss the Game of Thrones finale. After that, we discuss Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion cunnilingus masterpiece Anomalisa. Other topics include Brexit, the world's worst relationship column, Harambe memes, and of course, Crystal Corner. 

4:55 - Harambe memes. Why so good?
7:30 - Breaking down the world's worst relationship blog, a divorce between Burners. "This is seriously the new dark ages." -Bret
19:00 - We crowd source our script for "Cuck to the Future"
19:40 - Matt Ufford joins for some Game of Thrones talk.
26:25 - End Game of Thrones spoilers. Aaand we're back to the burner article again. 
32:36 - Back to Game of Thrones!
47:00 - How to deal with street petitions, and #DadBrands
55:50 - How your married friends talk to you when you're the only single one.
58:00 - Mr Robot
1:03:00 - We talk Anomalisa, which was my favorite movie of last year but Brendan did not like.
1:15:00 - CRYSTAL CORNER, with Katy Perry. 
1:21:48 - I discuss my rewatch of The Fast and the Furious, and how awful everything was in 2001. 
1:32:18 - Your emails. Bret's relationship advice: "You're not gonna meet someone and it's gonna be okay. It's never going to be okay."
Matt Lieb, Brendan, Bret, and Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters this week, talking Alex Jones, Game of Thrones, a Tod Maffin Update, Crystal Corner, and some wonderful improvised songs sung to royalty-free music. 

Opening - Matt got a traffic ticket, from a cop who wasn't even in a car.
6:15 - My terrible Alex Jones impression and our weekly Alex Jones-ridicule session. Also, Alex Jones' fans are now apparently accusing him of being Jewish.
10:00 - We started talking about Anomalisa, but then Daniel Plainview showed up for some reason. 
14:03 - Game of Thrones talk! Were you "fist pumping the entire time" during this past episode or did you think it kind of felt like half-ass Braveheart? Has Jon Snow learned nothing? Discuss! Or don't! [SPOILERS FOR 10 MINUTES]
25:39 - An inexplicable detour into Smash Mouth
31:30 - Matt got into a fight over Ghandi. Topic - does modern discourse allow for enough nuance that a public figure can be both good and bad??
37:33 - In what's becoming a recurring segment, Brendan has some tales from public radio. 
41:42 - The Tod Maffin Update. Today, how to identify millennials hoo-mons.
54:20 - CRYSTAL CORNER. Brendan and Bret derive irrational joy from the theme song. 
59:28 - Matt Lieb improvises lyrics to royalty-free internet songs!
1:01:44 - A song for listener Radd about his brother who isn't good at fantasy football
1:05:42 - A song for Justin, about HIS brother, who is a teacher, and is getting married. WARNING, EXPLICIT LYRICS. AND GRUNTING.
1:08:29 - A song for AP. It's a nice light-hearted number about stealing babies and putting them in a cave.
1:14:00 - Your emails.

Big topics this week include Primer (2004), Megan Fox in Crystal Corner, OJ: Made in America, and of course my staph infection, and also getting in a car accident on the way to the hospital to be treated for said staph infection. But of course, most of the brilliance was off-topic, including Matt Lieb's improvised song about eczema, a collaborative Beach Boys song about Jewish conspiracies, and a return visit from El Chapo, who has become addicted to heroin. Que pena. 

Intro - Matt reading mommy blogs to learn about his allergies, leading to a spirited rendition of "The Job Interview Song (Tie Sharona)"
5:30 - I talk about my staph infection, and becoming the Staph Curry of bursa infections. (Fun fact: I got in a car accident on the way to the hospital for my staph infection)
17:55 - Matt had scabies on his penis
21:10 - Brendan got crabs when he was 10. 
23:50 - Beginning of "Okay, Shut Up," with this week's topic, Primer (2004). Or, "Bret Explains The Plot of Primer, A Movie The Rest Of Us Didn't Understand." 
28:50 - Do we call this style of characterization "human adjacent?"
39:07 - Crystal Corner: Megan Fox
53:00 - Emails, and our new Crystal Corner theme music
56:43 - Matt Sings Songs
1:00:40 - A wonderful improvised song about eczema
1:14:00 - Brief thoughts on OJ: Made In America
1:24:25 - More of your emails
1:34:37 - An Irish listener schools us on some Irish misconceptions surrounding circumcisions.
1:46:03 - We get a visit from heroin addict El Chapo

In his EXCLUSIVE FIRST PODCAST APPEARANCE (sort of but not really), Brian Grubb, the Uproxx writer formerly known as Danger Guerrero, sits in for an interview mostly about TV shows, but also his journey from lawyer to writer, using his disability to score restaurant tables, and more. Before that, we introduce our new segment, "Okay, Shut Up," which the Frot members finally watch a movie one of us won't shut up about. This week's movie, Chappie. We also have a new Crystal Corner, with this week's celebrity lover of magic crystals, Jenna Dewan Tatum (wife of Channing Tatum, aka C-Tates). There's even a Royalty-Free Music Improv with Matt Lieb. Enjoy!

Time-Stamped #Content

5:34 - Matt Lieb is locked in a Facebook beef with a guy with a funny name. 
10:36 - Matt explains his gig on "The Star Wars Show" and opening for Gabriel Iglesias
19:25 - The inaugural run of "Okay, Shut Up," in which we all watch a movie one of us won't shut up about. This week in Okay Shut Up, Chappie, a movie I (Vince Mancini) never shut up about. 
30:00 - Matt Lieb, on Yolandie Visser's sex appeal. "It's like she could rip out your heart and eat it and you'd still have a boner somehow." 
42:35 - CRYSTAL CORNER! This week's celebrity who loves the power of healing crystals, Jenna Dewan Tatum. 
53:00 - Royalty-Free Musical Improv, with Matt Lieb
57:40 - The EXCLUSIVE first podcast interview with The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Guerrero, Brian Grubb
1:00:00 - Better Call Saul Vs. Breaking Bad, with Brian Grubb 
1:38:55 - We read your emails, about Jewishness, and Matt's beef with the anti-circumcision lobby. 

Film critic Jeff Bayer from Movie BS and FilmSchoolRejects joins FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini, comedian Joey Avery, and Frotcast co-host Bret to review Game Of Thrones, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Plus our new segment, Crystal Corner, where we talk about which celebrities are into magical healing crystals this week. Then it's onto your email questions, which, as usual, are all about relationships and pooping. frotcast@gmail.com, 415 275 0030. Review us on iTunes! 

3:23 - Game of Thrones Talk. Hodor! Zombies! Boobies! Wieners! The Iron Born! Children of the Forest! 
16:44 - Joey Avery and Jeff Bayer arrive.
25:29 - Jeff tells us about Alice Through The Looking Glass
31:00 - Bret polls us on how we don't kill ourselves, being film critics and all. 
45:00 - X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Captain America: Civil War, with Vince and Jeff.
48:20 - Anthony Weiner, and trying to remember why people were mad at him.
56:30 - CRYSTAL CORNER! This week's believers in the healing power of magic crystals include Alanis Morisette and a guy from 10 Things I Hate About You. (Bret loves crystals)
1:11:07 - Jeff tells us about his child, who one day decided that he wasn't going to poop anymore. 
1:23:00 - Charlie Daniels' NRA video, in which he calls Obama a "fresh-faced flower child." 
1:30:00 - Answering email question, AND our BRAND NEW EMAILS THEME SONG! 

"Film Critic" author Laremy Legel and comedian Joey Avery join the Frotcast this week, as we talk Laremy's trip to Australia, Neighbors 2, "feminism" as a selling point, doing acid at Coachella, and of course, Spencer Pratt's love of magic crystals. It's a "cask strength" podcast this week, as I'm drinking Maker's 46 cask strength (Bret is sipping a double-oaked Woodford Reserve). Help us monetize our #friendship, and be part of our #brand. 

4:26 - "Previously on the Frotcast..."
6:36 - Laremy bloops in via Skype, fresh from Australia, where Garry the Goat lives. He went to a shark museum and the world's largest IMAX screen.
14:00 - Some Neighbors 2 talk, including whether a movie written by five dudes can be called "feminist." Also, the new Ghostbusters, and whether we have to cheer something solely because whiny sexist nerds hate it. Does not contain any real spoilers. Except that Laremy has a black friend named Brad.
21:15 - Joey Avery has some great ideas for Frat party themes
23:30 - Why do sororities have so many more rules than fraternities? Is it a substitute for physical hazing?
28:45 - Laremy talks about having the same name as Laremy Tunsil and being off the grid when Laremy Tunsil got caught with his bong video.
35:47 - We talk Captain America: Civil War (SOME LIGHT SPOILERS UNTIL 38 MINUTES) 
42:00 - Does the media market allow critics, pundits, writers whose opinions don't easily fit into a category anymore? Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone piece about safe spaces


We dedicated an entire Frotcast to one movie this week -- Captain America: Civil War! Comedian Matt Lieb (Flophouse) and TV writer Patrick Schumacker (Sh*t My Dad Says, Surviving Jack, iZombie) join Vince Mancini to talk Cap, the superhero genre in general, Marvel vs DC and everything else. Afterwards, we talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z for some reason, cheating, and the usual dose of weird sex talk with Matt Lieb. 


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