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Film critic Jeff Bayer from Movie BS and FilmSchoolRejects joins FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini, comedian Joey Avery, and Frotcast co-host Bret to review Game Of Thrones, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Plus our new segment, Crystal Corner, where we talk about which celebrities are into magical healing crystals this week. Then it's onto your email questions, which, as usual, are all about relationships and pooping. frotcast@gmail.com, 415 275 0030. Review us on iTunes! 

3:23 - Game of Thrones Talk. Hodor! Zombies! Boobies! Wieners! The Iron Born! Children of the Forest! 
16:44 - Joey Avery and Jeff Bayer arrive.
25:29 - Jeff tells us about Alice Through The Looking Glass
31:00 - Bret polls us on how we don't kill ourselves, being film critics and all. 
45:00 - X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Captain America: Civil War, with Vince and Jeff.
48:20 - Anthony Weiner, and trying to remember why people were mad at him.
56:30 - CRYSTAL CORNER! This week's believers in the healing power of magic crystals include Alanis Morisette and a guy from 10 Things I Hate About You. (Bret loves crystals)
1:11:07 - Jeff tells us about his child, who one day decided that he wasn't going to poop anymore. 
1:23:00 - Charlie Daniels' NRA video, in which he calls Obama a "fresh-faced flower child." 
1:30:00 - Answering email question, AND our BRAND NEW EMAILS THEME SONG! 

"Film Critic" author Laremy Legel and comedian Joey Avery join the Frotcast this week, as we talk Laremy's trip to Australia, Neighbors 2, "feminism" as a selling point, doing acid at Coachella, and of course, Spencer Pratt's love of magic crystals. It's a "cask strength" podcast this week, as I'm drinking Maker's 46 cask strength (Bret is sipping a double-oaked Woodford Reserve). Help us monetize our #friendship, and be part of our #brand. 

4:26 - "Previously on the Frotcast..."
6:36 - Laremy bloops in via Skype, fresh from Australia, where Garry the Goat lives. He went to a shark museum and the world's largest IMAX screen.
14:00 - Some Neighbors 2 talk, including whether a movie written by five dudes can be called "feminist." Also, the new Ghostbusters, and whether we have to cheer something solely because whiny sexist nerds hate it. Does not contain any real spoilers. Except that Laremy has a black friend named Brad.
21:15 - Joey Avery has some great ideas for Frat party themes
23:30 - Why do sororities have so many more rules than fraternities? Is it a substitute for physical hazing?
28:45 - Laremy talks about having the same name as Laremy Tunsil and being off the grid when Laremy Tunsil got caught with his bong video.
35:47 - We talk Captain America: Civil War (SOME LIGHT SPOILERS UNTIL 38 MINUTES) 
42:00 - Does the media market allow critics, pundits, writers whose opinions don't easily fit into a category anymore? Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone piece about safe spaces


We dedicated an entire Frotcast to one movie this week -- Captain America: Civil War! Comedian Matt Lieb (Flophouse) and TV writer Patrick Schumacker (Sh*t My Dad Says, Surviving Jack, iZombie) join Vince Mancini to talk Cap, the superhero genre in general, Marvel vs DC and everything else. Afterwards, we talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z for some reason, cheating, and the usual dose of weird sex talk with Matt Lieb. 


Everyone needs things to hate to distract them from the grim specter of death, and this week we have a perfect target: Further Future, the Burning Man of the 1%. Other topics include a first-hand account of Guns N Roses at Coachella, and Matt Lieb singing fully improvised, royalty-free music jams for our Patreon donors. Enjoy! 

5:20 - Email question: What movies do a great job nailing the setting? 
9:45 - Matt Lieb solves the mystery of what he did in my bed last week.
15:00 - Matt denies that living in LA has changed him. 
23:08 - HATE BAIT: Further Future, the Burning Man for the 1%. "Ahh, stuff to hate, the pussy of the lonely." -Bret
35:25 - Tales from Salesforce, and their Hawaiian-themed nightmare workplace
45:47 - El Chapo flaps in for a visit. Oh how we've missed you, El Chapo, our favorite bird bat. 
47:40 - El Chapo sings a song about his impending marriage. 
48:48 - Joey Avery joins, to regale us with stories of Coachella as we try to feast on his youth like aphids. Also, he saw a Guns N Roses show where Axl had to sing while sitting in a chair.
1:02:16 - Royalty-free jams, with Matt Lieb, as reward for Patreon donors. 
1:08:32 - Matt Lieb sings a royalty-free "sea shanty" 

Jane Harrison and Kaseem Bentley (named one of San Francisco's best comedians by SF Weekly) join the FilmDrunk Frotcast to discuss Game Of Thrones, Ted Cruz, and Beyonce's Lemonade. Also, we take our first live calls listeners. Patreon.com/Frotcast, Our #Brand Is #Content.

3:50 - The mystery of Matt Lieb being in my house.
9:06 - Game of Thrones talk begins (fairly light on spoilers, but if you want to skip, the segment is five minutes)
14:00 - Jane and Bret watched The Guest.
17:03 - The Ted Cruz soup story is a continuing source of fascination for us.
25:00 - Are we going to watch Captain America: Civil War? Bret and Jane talk Daredevil.
31:00 - Kaseem shows up.
43:30 - Our first live phone call! Listener calls in while watching Fathers and Daughters, starring Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried.
53:00 - Life advice for a listener who has just lost his virginity at 26 but is now hooking up with a girl who has a boyfriend.
1:09:59 - We talk about Beyonce's Lemonade, in a classic, let's-only-get-serious-in-the-last-third-of-the-Frotcast moment. Is the story real?! Did Jay-Z really cheat on Beyoncé or is she just a marketing genius?

Imagine you've dedicated more than half your life to something, forgoing comfort and taking a vow of poverty only to toil in obscurity, and then one day, all your dreams come true! That's what happened to our guest Joe Sinclitico, who's been doing comedy for 20 years - no agent, no development deals, no sitcom guest appearances - but now, tonight, on Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central, he makes his national television debut. Other topics include Billy Corgan's appearance on conspiracy pimp Alex Jones' radio show, in which they discuss "SJWs" (social justice warriors). A little segment we like to call "Siamese Beams." We also talk HBO's Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill movie, Confirmation, and answer your relationship questions. Enjoy, Frot on, and write us an iTunes review! Patreon.com/frotcast

4:05 - Billy Corgan on Alex Jones, aka "Siamese Beams." 
20:10 - Joe Sinclitico shows up. 
30:55 - Joe's pitch for an untitled buddy comedy starring Osama Bin Laden and Pat Sajak. Or Pat Morita, hard to say. 
45:00 - I talk about bringing Joe to Phil Rosenthal's house for pizza. 
1:02:40 - We talk about HBO's new Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill movie, Confirmation.
1:15:20 - Name Of The Year Draft Update
1:19:04 - Local news story of the week: The "alcoholocaust" drinking game, a Jews v. Nazis version of beer pong. 
1:24:10 - Listener relationship question about a making a platonic friend on Tinder. Cool or not cool? 
1:36:26 - Strong voicemail in which a listener may have inadvertantly put himself on a watch list. 

Vince is in Kentucky this week, so we couldn't record a normal Frotcast, but on the off chance that you really enjoy the actual-movie-discussions part of the Frotcast, this one should be a treat. Recorded back in September, this is a discussion with Jeremy Saulnier, writer/director of Green Room, and Macon Blair, his old friend and star of Blue Ruin who also plays a supporting role in Green Room. We talk all about getting the film made, what it's like getting Patrick Stewart to be in your movie, Jeremy's history in the DC hardcore punk scene (fun fact: he was later into breakdancing), and neo-Nazis using heavy music as a recruitment tool. Enjoy! 


This week, we talk about the legend of LaDasha (the apocryphal little girl named La-a), the Crying Jordan meme, and welcome GQ/Deadspin columnist Drew Magary, who tells us about his Chopped win, thumb dance, his new book, and whether I can blame him for the rise of Donald Trump. Hey! Leave us reviews on iTunes! We need them to leave!

Our #Brand is #Content
2:05 - The peculiarly pervasive legend of LaDasha. 
4:00 - We asked our listeners for a "previously on the Frotcast" montage, and they came through.
7:15 - Back to LaDasha. Did Key & Peele try to pass off LaDasha as real thing that happened, or was it a knowing reference to the dumb legend they were making fun of? Discuss.
13:20 - Drew Magary of GQ and Deadspin joins us via Skype. We discuss the Crying Jordan meme, Drew's now-famous Chopped win (and accompanying thumb dance), and his new book, The Hike (you can order now on Amazon!).
49:16 - Batman Returns, and the guy who played Lattimer in The Program doing an incredible Christopher Walken impression the entire movie. 
1:05:15 - The story of the six-year-olds writing the Zootopia critic about ruining the Tomatometer
1:16:06 - The story of the scientists who discovered that people are turned on by robot privates.

So much #Content this week! We talk about Batman V Superman and the movie trend of "climactic hair cutting." Using actual Mormon names from 2015, we play the Mormon Name Spelling Game. We break down the SFSU fight over white guy dreads and cultural appropriation. But mostly we let Matt Lieb digress into weird sex stuff. 

6:50 - The "climactic hair cutting" movie cliche, and Jesse Eisenberg actually getting asked what it's like to have to cut his hair.
14:15 - What a "previously on the Frotcast" montage might sound like. 
15:00 - Matt Lieb saw Batman V Superman (brief spoilers, we warn you before)
27:10 - The Year in Mormon Names, including the Mormon name spelling bee
41:00 - The Name Of the Year draft update and early results
52:00 - A lengthy digression about squirting and why Matt Lieb needs to watch videos of people dying after he watches porn.
1:00:00 - Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian getting topless together. 
1:10:36 - We go deep on the viral video out of SF State in which a black student confronts a white student with dreadlocks for culturally appropriating. 

This episode is a feast of #CONTENT! Sh*t My Dad Says author Justin Halpern joins us to discuss Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the worst songs of the '90s, and then Brendan returns for our fourth annual Name of the Year draft. Enjoy!

1:35 - Batman V Superman talk (no spoilers). As Bret says, "that is a long dawn, my friend."
3:00 - Justin Halpern explains what Batman V Superman-mania looks like on the Warner lot.
13:00 - Our picks for the worst songs of the 1990s. But first, Justin has an incredible Papa Roach story.
17:10 - Brendan returns! 
29:00 - Matt Lieb has some thoughts on Korn. 
42:00- Back, by popular demand, it's the Name of the Year Draft.
1:00:00 - We talk about Katt Williams almost getting choked out by a teen.

Vince is back from SXSW, and joined by Bret and Jane Harrison (of Viceland's Flophouse) to talk about how to deal with A-holes in a public situation, be they texting in movies or heckling at comedy shows. Seattle film critic Laremy Legel Skypes in to talk about Deadpool and other movie topics. Enjoy our #content

2:10 - Made it a whole two minutes without talking about Jane's pussy worms from last week. Impressive!

4:00 - Janes makes fun of me for my shirt with a bear on it - we try to define what makes a silly shirt "ironic."
10:45 - SXSW and GDC: Bret and I discuss the intense impulse to melvin nerds at tech conferences.
13:00 - Taking Skype calls on an airplane, this is the world we live in now.
15:39 - My first-hand account of Doug Benson forcibly removing a movie texter, and what that teaches us about how to deal with assholes and hecklers.
23:15 - North Korea's super weird video of the college kid (Otto Warmbier) they sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for trying to steal a banner. 
32:00 - Jane experiments on chat roulette, which does still exist. 
34:19 - Laremy joins via Skype
36:15 - Would Queer Eye For The Straight Guy be allowed today?
37:38 - Laremy experiences San Francisco homeless. What city has the most aggressive homeless?
47:30 - Bret has no interest in Deadpool. Is he wrong? 
57:00 - Internet commenters HATE Flophouse on Viceland. Is that show a perfect storm of things internet commenters would hate?
1:06:00 - Unintentional sarcastiquotes in BBC headlines
We go INSIDE THE COMEDIAN'S STUDIO this week, or inside the comedian's flophouse, anyway, in honor of Matt Lieb and Jane Harrison's television debuts on Viceland's Flophouse (airs March 17th). Did you know they named the first episode after a Matt Lieb bit? He's big time now. After that, we talk about Jane's Bad Date with Rad Tad the Dog-Faced Bartender (and modern dating in general), discuss Chris Rock's Oscars monologue, we try to get to the bottom of vocal anti-circumcisioners (with whom Matt recently publicly feuded), talk THE WITCH and answer your emails.

Enjoy our #Content. frotcast@gmail.com, 415 275 0030

00:00 - SHOWBIZ: We discuss the story behind Matt and Jane's appearance on Viceland's new series, Flophouse.
18:11 - MODERN LOVE: Jane explains her lame date with Rad Tad the Dog-Faced Bartender, who quickly becomes a character.
28:41 - THE OSCARS: We discuss Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett, and last week's Oscars
36:50 - EL CHAPO drops by.
40:15 - CIRCUMCISION FLAME WAR: Matt describes his recent flame war with the anti-circumcision lobby. We try to get to the bottom of this particular interest group. Is it vaguely anti-semitic? Are they cousins of anti-vaxxers and people who are into crystals? Discuss.
1:06:28 - THE VVITCH. Bret and Jane saw The Witch, and we discuss. 

This week, on the Frotcast, we've got lots of hot #OSCARSTALK #CONTENT. We discuss this year's nominees, and choose our all-time favorite and least favorite Best Picture Oscar winners. After that, we talk Tyrese Gibson and Amber Rose talking slut-shaming, and run through a brief history of Tyrese being an idiot. Finally, we discuss police foiling a murder plot using a fake hitman named "Joanie Pepperoni," an early front runner for news story of the year. Guests include Seattle film critic Laremy Legel, and comedian Joey Avery, along with Vince, Bret, and Matt Lieb.

00:00 - We open the show calling out other movie podcasts, and bring on Laremy, who tells us about How To Be Single. 
5:15 - Laremy and I talk Hail, Caesar, which somehow leads Matt Lieb to reveal his white-hot hatred for Wes Anderson. We then debate the merits of Wes Anderson.
10:00 - Guest Joey Avery arrives in the Frotquarters.
12:17 - Laremy gets interrupted by his dog, Bugsy, who has mental problems and bites people.
17:08 - #OSCARSTALK. This week in #HOTCONTENT. We choose our all-time favorite Best Picture winner, and all-time least favorite Best Picture winners.
25:15 - Talking the OJ show brings about a brief appearance by Brandon from Fremont.
47:28 - We get rid of Laremy so we can talk about Terry Crews' porn addiction. I was all set to make fun of him, but nope, he's still a charming man. Matt Lieb also made a commercial with Terry Crews this week (not Chobani). 
56:00 - Tyrese Gibson is the Paternalistic Derek Zoolander Who Doesn't Make Jokes. We discuss the Amber Rose slut-shaming clip from his new show, then go back through some of the past dumb things he's said and wonder why anyone gave him a show. 
1:16:19 - The Ballad Of Joanie Pepperoni. Yes, a police department invented an informant known as "Joanie Pepperoni."
Comedian Jane Harrison joins Matt, Vince, and Bret this week, to talk Donald Trump, a whiny startup founder's crybaby letter to San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, the Grammies and Johnny Depp's "Hollywood Vampires," Vinyl, and Chelsea Peretti at the Crunchies. Also, the sound should be better this week, I think I finally got my compression settings worked out. Hooray for #Content!

00:00 - Donald Trump's incredible stump speeches, which are like a comedian who doesn't try to be funny and only does crowd work. 
12:15 - Understanding Trump's appeal vis a vis political correctness.
15:40 - Whiny crybaby San Francisco start-up founder writes crappy open letter to the mayor about the homelessness problem. 
27:53 - Vince's devil's advocate theory, finding 2% of common ground with even the assholiest a-holes.
42:08 - Grammy talk. Sub-question, why does everyone suddenly know what Hamilton is? 
48:40 - Matt Lieb raps about Alexander Hamilton
51:30 - Is Kendrick Lamar and other rap over as soon as we discover it? Discuss.
59:13 - Talking Johnny Depp and the Hollywood Vampires.
1:10:35 - Irish accents, for some reason.
1:12:42 - We talk Vinyl, on HBO. Should Andrew Dice Clay always have just been an actor?
1:18:50 - A visit from the Queen (I am sorry). 

Spike Lee's Chi-Raq, about a women's movement to withhold sex to stop gang violence, is now free on Amazon Prime. And now, comedian Kaseem Bentley talking about it is free on the FilmDrunk Frotcast. Matt Lieb and Bret are also in the studio with me, Vince Mancini, for possibly the most #content-filled Frotcast ever recorded. 

3:40 - Matt Lieb tells us about what hot new jokes the comedians in LA are telling. 
15:00 - Kaseem Bentley arrives, and immediately roasts Matt for not acknowledging him in McDonald's (allegedly). 
19:15 - Kaseem starts roasting everyone in earnest.
25:30 - False start on Chi-raq talk, Kaseem gets distracted and starts laying into me about what a pussy I am. 
31:30 - Beyonce's alleged Red Lobster conspiracy, according to Kaseem.
34:45 - The story of Stevie Wonder buying some cocaine from one of Kaseem's friends.
43:57 - We actually start talking about Chi-raq.
1:01:05 - Kaseem and Matt reprise Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase, the first appearance of Matt Lieb's new character, "Jefferson from San Rafael."
1:05:10 - More terrifying stories about Matt Lieb's dad.
1:25:20 - Kaseem may have convinced Bret that he's been wrong about Bamboozled all of these years. 

Award-winning sports personality Matt Ufford (SB Nation, The Inactives podcast) joins IN STUDIO this week, to talk Hail, Caesar! (almost no spoilers) our favorite Coen Bros movies in general, and of course all the media hoopla surrounding this week's Super Bowl, live from Super Bowl city.


Matt Lieb, Bret, and Brendan are all back together for a Frotcast about Matt Lieb returning from the AVNs, R. Kelly's amazing sex metaphors, Josef Stalin's secret poop lab, Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers, and Vin Diesel at the toy fair. #Content! Enjoy our #Brand!

1:00 - Matt Lieb gets back from the AVNs.
3:45 - The story of the porn star who could only express appreciation sexually, which made him have sex with a horse.
15:30 - Matt Lieb tells us about his sad break up.
18:08 - Brendan discovers R. Kelly's "Buffet," and we have our minds blown.
34:55 - Is Russell Wilson a robot? We discuss the recent discovery that he complimented his girlfriend by googling "how to describe a beautiful woman" and plagiarizing the first result.
40:20 - Stalin spied on Mao by stealing his poop and having it inspected in a secret lab. Brendan obviously loved this story.
51:40 - "Kiss the ring, eat the pizza," and other life lessons.
1:03:00 - Our most "old white guy" of segments, "Why can't I understand what the rappers are saying anymore?"
1:07:30 - The mind-blowing plot of Kevin Smith's 'Yoga Hosers.'
1:16:30 - Dueling terrible British accents, starring Matt Lieb, and Brendan, as Michael Caine.


The regular crew is out this week, but in their place I have Justin Halpern from Surviving Jack/Sh*t My Dad Says, and Whoop Dreams star and Seattle's finest film critic, Laremy Legel, not to mention a boat load of #Content. We talk The Revenant, Amy Schumer, Lights Camera Jackson, the #OscarsSoWhite and Oscars boycott, the Deadpool trailer, and make fun of the Oregon militia dudes' list of supplies. Enjoy!  

2:14 - The new paradigm of Distracted TV Watching. What shows do you watch we're you're actually not looking at your phone? 

4:25 - How the internet is making advertising even more terrible than before.

10:40 - We break down the "Amy Schumer Is A Joke Thief" video. 

14:50 - We discuss Lights Camera Jackson, his Amy Schumer joke, and him doing the same shtick for the last five years.

25:00 - Justin tells us about going to Kevin Bacon's house.

31:40 - The Revenant. The bear attack and the Indian attack: when something's badass enough that you stop caring about realism.

38:26 - Justin and I talk 'The Witch.' Can a period movie be *too* realistic? 

50:20 - #OscarsSoWhite. Specifically, how un self-aware do you have to be as a white person to write and "Actually" thinkpiece about which black people didn't actually get snubbed?

56:40 - I make a case for crapping on certain movies without seeing them. 

1:01:00 - The Deadpool trailer, and the phenomenon of nailing a jokey tone without making jokes. Also, the "fantasy studio exec" phenomenon among TV and comic fans. 

1:11:00 - The Oregon militia dudes' list of requested supplies, such as "hay" and "money." 

1:18:00 - I finally catch up on Fargo season two, so I have a few raves, and lots of minor issues I need to bitch about. 

Fresh off being named one of Podbean's TOP 10 COMEDY PODCASTS OF 2015 (second year in a row), the Frotcast is back, to discuss Sean Penn's El Chapo interview, The Revenant/Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar hunt, and What We Do In the Shadows. Guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Jane Harrison, joining Bret and Vince in the studio.

0:55 - Matt Lieb tries out a new catch phrase, with debatable success.
4:00 - Matt loved The Revenant and hated The Hateful Eight. No spoilers here.
6:50 - Does Leonardo DiCaprio want an Oscar as much as everyone assumes he does?
8:10 - Matt Lieb explains "the Pussy Posse" to Bret, much to Bret's chagrin.
14:45 - I read my favorite bits of Sean Penn's El Chapo interview. Matt debuts his new El Chapo character.
21:21 - "Do you think Sean Penn is really into Waking Life?" -Bret
40:00 - Charlie Sheen goes off his HIV meds.
48:33 - Smash Mouth's incredible cover of David Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure." A heated argument ensues over whether "Under Pressure" is one of Queen or David Bowie's best songs.
1:01:00 - The shortlist of actors for Han Solo, debating the merits.
1:06:00 - Oh right, What We Do In the Shadows.


We discuss Making A Murderer, Netflix's white hot new true crime series, with two blasts from Frotcast past: Uproxx Editor Ashley Burns (Burnsy) and Tuscon, Arizona's freshest comedy voice, Pauly Casillas (Pauly Dangerously). Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk and Bret hold down the Frotquarters. Did Steven Avery do it? Should Brendan Dassey get a new trial? Will the pardon Steven Avery petitions make a difference? Which of these questions will we ponder before making fun of the accents and lack of underwear?

3:15 - I read our craziest Frotcast email of all time, from the guy who has apparently mentally catalogued every Jew in Hollywood and urges us to do same.
14:35 - Making A Murderer discussion begins in earnest. Bret explains why it makes him feel bad and had to stop watching.
17:35 - The formerly underrated dumb-soundingness of the Wisconsin accent.
21:00 - Burnsy on why the show is his worst nightmare, and he hates true crime.
22:30 - Living through the inevitable Internet detective and ensuing Internet reductive guy backlash.
27:20 - Steven Avery's incredible lack of underpants.
30:30 - The incredible theory that this guy who doesn't own underwear somehow pulled off one of the greatest crime scene scrub jobs in the history of man.
33:00 - Bret compares Making A Murderer to his disastrous bus ride.
34:30 - Jury Trial: The ultimate focus group. Burnsy explains what it's like to be on a jury in Orlando, Florida.
37:00 - Bret explains how me breaking his nose got him out of a jury.
38:30 - We discover that in Florida courts, alligators are the judges. #SWAMPJUSTICE
52:35 - Steven Avery: Surprisingly good at pulling chicks.
54:00 - Burnsy defends guys not wearing underwear. The pros and cons of not wearing underwear.
55:14 - Pauly discusses his own trial, for assault with a deadly weapon.
58:28 - Why didn't Steve Avery testify? Was this a good decision?
1:01:48 - Kim Jong-un was voted Best Dressed Man in North Korea for the fifth year running. Did Kim Jong-un come up with his own hairstyle or was it a stylist? 
1:10:15 - Email question from a 25-year-old virgin.


The best moments of the FilmDrunk Frotcast from 2015! Edited by Token, donate a few bucks for his time at https://www.paypal.me/TokenAudio. Guests featured: Laremy Legel, OJ Patterson, Jane Harrison, Steve Post, Kaseem Bentley, Torio Van Grol, Jason Dove, and Matt Ufford.

00:10 - All the times we told Laremy to shut up.
02:25 - Bret's Face-Turn, in which he decides to become a shill.
03:14 - Mama's Little Piss Boy (Ep 269)
10:39 - Brandon Fromfreemont (Ep 244)
15:11 - Corporate Birthday (Ep 270)
18:09 - Bret hates Viral Marketing (Ep 241)
23:06 - Startup Castle Closes/Lieb's Brain Feed (Ep 255)
27:29 - Uptown Girl Game (Ep 259)
33:59 - The Lieb Brother's Shoplift (Ep 271)
44:22 - Idaho Tinder Names (Ep 256)
54:12 - Slut Shaming the Black Widow (Ep 248)
1:04:41 - The Elusive Female Urethra/Italian Fathers, Irish Mothers (Ep 272)
1:14:21 - Jaden Smith and Aerosmith (Ep 272)
1:23:21 - Office Kevin (Ep 262)
1:28:49 - 50 Shades of Lieb (Ep 238)
1:32:53 - Name of the Year Draft Bios (Ep 243)
1:36:00 - Jack White Pens a Letter/Jupiter Ascending's Beeus Ex Machina (Ep 239)
1:40:10 - Oliver Stone's Snowden (Ep 255)
1:48:00 - Technology of Future Past (Ep 273)
1:55:10 - The Game's Instagram Erotic Fiction
2:05:17 - Lieb's Brother (Ep 271)


It's a special edition FilmDrunk Frotcast! Where we actually discuss and review a movie! Justin Halpern and Pat Schumacker from Shit My Dad Says, Laremy Legel from Film.com, and comedian Matt Lieb join (Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk) to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Obviously, there will be Star Wars spoilers. Topics include: Hey, whats up with the Force? Who is Rey's father? Does Luke Skywalker ever use the force to jerk off? Why is Kylo Ren so bad at being a bad guy? And finally, Adam Driver: Surprisingly not Jewish. Enjoy, and we'll be back with a best-of next week.


Is Creed the first boxing movie about a black boxer? The fact that none of us can think of another one says enough. This week we talk Creed, and about Hoodslam, the pro wrestling event we went to in Oakland, play the royalty-free music freestyle challenge, discuss The Big Short, and get an update from Ben, now that he's back in the country. This week's Frotcrew: Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, and SF comedian by way of Somerville, Massachusetts, Stevie Post.

6:32 - Talking Creed. Is Sylvester Stallone actually a good actor? Vince takes pro, Stevie Post takes the con.
24:15 - The Royalty-Free Music Freestyle Challenge. Matt Lieb debuts his Randy Newman impression.
28:20 - HOODSLAM. Matt and I discuss attending our first live pro wrestling event since making Whoop Dreams at the Gathering of the Juggalos.
39:58 - Ben joins us via Skype.
44:24 - Matt talks about his time in terrestrial radio, and this week's meme: "If radio had been invented after the internet, it would be the biggest thing ever."
51:35 - Donald Trump. Do we should try to shout him down, or stop feeding the troll?
1:03:40 - Ben discusses his travels through Europe.
1:10:50 - Matt becomes extremely adamant about preferring the "perfect woman, but with a penis" over a masculine man, but with a vagina. "I'm not attracted to men, but I am not un-attracted to dicks."
1:25:00 - The Big Short. Remembering the mortgage crisis, and the idea of the open-source true story movie. 


This week's show: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Superhero movie fatigue. The Night Before. Brooklyn. The Leftovers (plus Damon Lindelof, Lost, Prometheus). Fargo. Jaden Smith. Old-timey renditions of classic rock songs. Enjoy!

3:30 - Breaking down the Batman v Superman trailer.
12:00 - We talk superhero movie fatigue, and why all the superheroes have to fight each other now. Can't they just be friends?!
16:30 - Personal stories with Matt Lieb: Making out with his RA to the sound of Tracy Chapman and Maroon 5, and "The Ghosts of Boners Past."
20:45 - Matt has some conspiracy theories about the female anatomy vis a vis where the pee comes from.
29:54 - Matt Lieb saw The Night Before, which we discuss briefly, before launching into Brooklyn, which he also saw.
42:15 - We rank Thanksgiving side dishes.
53:00 - The Leftovers. Is it so good that everyone has to take back all the crap they talked on Damon Lindelof?
1:04:00 - Brendan and Matt plug Fargo.
1:09:00 - Jaden Smith's book of "modern day philosophy" in which he plans to discuss "string theory and chaos theory, but more mystical." This leads us to "Jaden Smith Bingo," to determine if we can anticipate the life cycle of a psuedo-celebrity meltdown/evolution into ersatz guru. Discuss.
1:19:30 - Lots of singing for some reason.
1:21:45 - Brendan tests his theory about a 30s phonograph version of Aerosmith's "Rag Doll." It was very silly. Sadly, we learned of Scott Weiland's death five minutes after we finished recording.


Did you do terrible things to a sibling or have one do terrible things done to you? Comedian Matt Lieb recounts the saga of his Machiavellian brother, who ridiculed his genitals, made him steal, and ruined his sketch comedy show. As an only child, I drink the pathos and schadenfreude of him and the many listeners who submitted their stories. Other topics include The Night Before (quickly diverted into a diatribe about Anthony Mackie), the Ronda Rousey fight, and our personal spam bots, which Bret has created using our Twitter archives. Spooky. Comedian Kaseem Bentley joins, back by popular demand, to go on lengthy diatribes against Terrence Howard and Hawaiian barbecue, among other things. Enjoy.

2:20 - We relive last weeks's greatest hit, "Corporate Birthday."
7:40 - I ask Matt and Kaseem about 'The Night Before,' which leads Kaseem into a long jag about Anthony Mackie being "the number one black douchebag."
10:10 - I distract Kaseem with a question about Terrence Howard, which brings us to the story about Terrence Howard's father killing a guy and Terrence Howard's controversial theories about crystals and universal math.
17:05 - Kaseem outlines his theory that Terrence Howard is actually an alien who was sent through "a Negro Stargate."
20:39 - We talk about the Rousey fight. No, Ronda Rousey did not get "exposed," you dolts.
26:15 - Kaseem goes in hard on Hawaiian BBQ. I ask about the Nation Of Islam's dietary restrictions.
30:52 - The Rousey fight reminded Matt of Million Dollar Baby.
39:00 - Introducing the topic of Sibling Abuse, starting with listener emails.
44:00 - Probably the most diabolical sibling torture email we received, about a brother almost drowning his younger brother, using him as bait for a pedophile, and covering him in dog poop.
48:22 - The lengthy saga of Matt Lieb's Machiavellian brother begins.
1:03:00 - Personal Spam Bots: Following up on last week's discussion of predictive text and Markov chains, Bret has used our Twitter archives to build us personal spam bots.
1:15:00 - Matt Lieb tells an epic story about sketch comedy and his evil brother, culminating in "Spedackle."
1:22:55 - Matt's story about the last time his brother punched him (while he was watching Taken), and once again diabolically neutralized his counter attack.
1:33:00 Finishing off with a few of your emails


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