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Spike Lee's Chi-Raq, about a women's movement to withhold sex to stop gang violence, is now free on Amazon Prime. And now, comedian Kaseem Bentley talking about it is free on the FilmDrunk Frotcast. Matt Lieb and Bret are also in the studio with me, Vince Mancini, for possibly the most #content-filled Frotcast ever recorded. 

3:40 - Matt Lieb tells us about what hot new jokes the comedians in LA are telling. 
15:00 - Kaseem Bentley arrives, and immediately roasts Matt for not acknowledging him in McDonald's (allegedly). 
19:15 - Kaseem starts roasting everyone in earnest.
25:30 - False start on Chi-raq talk, Kaseem gets distracted and starts laying into me about what a pussy I am. 
31:30 - Beyonce's alleged Red Lobster conspiracy, according to Kaseem.
34:45 - The story of Stevie Wonder buying some cocaine from one of Kaseem's friends.
43:57 - We actually start talking about Chi-raq.
1:01:05 - Kaseem and Matt reprise Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase, the first appearance of Matt Lieb's new character, "Jefferson from San Rafael."
1:05:10 - More terrifying stories about Matt Lieb's dad.
1:25:20 - Kaseem may have convinced Bret that he's been wrong about Bamboozled all of these years. 

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Award-winning sports personality Matt Ufford (SB Nation, The Inactives podcast) joins IN STUDIO this week, to talk Hail, Caesar! (almost no spoilers) our favorite Coen Bros movies in general, and of course all the media hoopla surrounding this week's Super Bowl, live from Super Bowl city.


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278: Lieb Returns From AVNs

Matt Lieb, Bret, and Brendan are all back together for a Frotcast about Matt Lieb returning from the AVNs, R. Kelly's amazing sex metaphors, Josef Stalin's secret poop lab, Kevin Smith's Yoga Hosers, and Vin Diesel at the toy fair. #Content! Enjoy our #Brand!

1:00 - Matt Lieb gets back from the AVNs.
3:45 - The story of the porn star who could only express appreciation sexually, which made him have sex with a horse.
15:30 - Matt Lieb tells us about his sad break up.
18:08 - Brendan discovers R. Kelly's "Buffet," and we have our minds blown.
34:55 - Is Russell Wilson a robot? We discuss the recent discovery that he complimented his girlfriend by googling "how to describe a beautiful woman" and plagiarizing the first result.
40:20 - Stalin spied on Mao by stealing his poop and having it inspected in a secret lab. Brendan obviously loved this story.
51:40 - "Kiss the ring, eat the pizza," and other life lessons.
1:03:00 - Our most "old white guy" of segments, "Why can't I understand what the rappers are saying anymore?"
1:07:30 - The mind-blowing plot of Kevin Smith's 'Yoga Hosers.'
1:16:30 - Dueling terrible British accents, starring Matt Lieb, and Brendan, as Michael Caine.


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The regular crew is out this week, but in their place I have Justin Halpern from Surviving Jack/Sh*t My Dad Says, and Whoop Dreams star and Seattle's finest film critic, Laremy Legel, not to mention a boat load of #Content. We talk The Revenant, Amy Schumer, Lights Camera Jackson, the #OscarsSoWhite and Oscars boycott, the Deadpool trailer, and make fun of the Oregon militia dudes' list of supplies. Enjoy!  

2:14 - The new paradigm of Distracted TV Watching. What shows do you watch we're you're actually not looking at your phone? 

4:25 - How the internet is making advertising even more terrible than before.

10:40 - We break down the "Amy Schumer Is A Joke Thief" video. 

14:50 - We discuss Lights Camera Jackson, his Amy Schumer joke, and him doing the same shtick for the last five years.

25:00 - Justin tells us about going to Kevin Bacon's house.

31:40 - The Revenant. The bear attack and the Indian attack: when something's badass enough that you stop caring about realism.

38:26 - Justin and I talk 'The Witch.' Can a period movie be *too* realistic? 

50:20 - #OscarsSoWhite. Specifically, how un self-aware do you have to be as a white person to write and "Actually" thinkpiece about which black people didn't actually get snubbed?

56:40 - I make a case for crapping on certain movies without seeing them. 

1:01:00 - The Deadpool trailer, and the phenomenon of nailing a jokey tone without making jokes. Also, the "fantasy studio exec" phenomenon among TV and comic fans. 

1:11:00 - The Oregon militia dudes' list of requested supplies, such as "hay" and "money." 

1:18:00 - I finally catch up on Fargo season two, so I have a few raves, and lots of minor issues I need to bitch about. 

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Fresh off being named one of Podbean's TOP 10 COMEDY PODCASTS OF 2015 (second year in a row), the Frotcast is back, to discuss Sean Penn's El Chapo interview, The Revenant/Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar hunt, and What We Do In the Shadows. Guests include comedians Matt Lieb and Jane Harrison, joining Bret and Vince in the studio.

0:55 - Matt Lieb tries out a new catch phrase, with debatable success.
4:00 - Matt loved The Revenant and hated The Hateful Eight. No spoilers here.
6:50 - Does Leonardo DiCaprio want an Oscar as much as everyone assumes he does?
8:10 - Matt Lieb explains "the Pussy Posse" to Bret, much to Bret's chagrin.
14:45 - I read my favorite bits of Sean Penn's El Chapo interview. Matt debuts his new El Chapo character.
21:21 - "Do you think Sean Penn is really into Waking Life?" -Bret
40:00 - Charlie Sheen goes off his HIV meds.
48:33 - Smash Mouth's incredible cover of David Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure." A heated argument ensues over whether "Under Pressure" is one of Queen or David Bowie's best songs.
1:01:00 - The shortlist of actors for Han Solo, debating the merits.
1:06:00 - Oh right, What We Do In the Shadows.


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We discuss Making A Murderer, Netflix's white hot new true crime series, with two blasts from Frotcast past: Uproxx Editor Ashley Burns (Burnsy) and Tuscon, Arizona's freshest comedy voice, Pauly Casillas (Pauly Dangerously). Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk and Bret hold down the Frotquarters. Did Steven Avery do it? Should Brendan Dassey get a new trial? Will the pardon Steven Avery petitions make a difference? Which of these questions will we ponder before making fun of the accents and lack of underwear?

3:15 - I read our craziest Frotcast email of all time, from the guy who has apparently mentally catalogued every Jew in Hollywood and urges us to do same.
14:35 - Making A Murderer discussion begins in earnest. Bret explains why it makes him feel bad and had to stop watching.
17:35 - The formerly underrated dumb-soundingness of the Wisconsin accent.
21:00 - Burnsy on why the show is his worst nightmare, and he hates true crime.
22:30 - Living through the inevitable Internet detective and ensuing Internet reductive guy backlash.
27:20 - Steven Avery's incredible lack of underpants.
30:30 - The incredible theory that this guy who doesn't own underwear somehow pulled off one of the greatest crime scene scrub jobs in the history of man.
33:00 - Bret compares Making A Murderer to his disastrous bus ride.
34:30 - Jury Trial: The ultimate focus group. Burnsy explains what it's like to be on a jury in Orlando, Florida.
37:00 - Bret explains how me breaking his nose got him out of a jury.
38:30 - We discover that in Florida courts, alligators are the judges. #SWAMPJUSTICE
52:35 - Steven Avery: Surprisingly good at pulling chicks.
54:00 - Burnsy defends guys not wearing underwear. The pros and cons of not wearing underwear.
55:14 - Pauly discusses his own trial, for assault with a deadly weapon.
58:28 - Why didn't Steve Avery testify? Was this a good decision?
1:01:48 - Kim Jong-un was voted Best Dressed Man in North Korea for the fifth year running. Did Kim Jong-un come up with his own hairstyle or was it a stylist? 
1:10:15 - Email question from a 25-year-old virgin.


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The best moments of the FilmDrunk Frotcast from 2015! Edited by Token, donate a few bucks for his time at https://www.paypal.me/TokenAudio. Guests featured: Laremy Legel, OJ Patterson, Jane Harrison, Steve Post, Kaseem Bentley, Torio Van Grol, Jason Dove, and Matt Ufford.

00:10 - All the times we told Laremy to shut up.
02:25 - Bret's Face-Turn, in which he decides to become a shill.
03:14 - Mama's Little Piss Boy (Ep 269)
10:39 - Brandon Fromfreemont (Ep 244)
15:11 - Corporate Birthday (Ep 270)
18:09 - Bret hates Viral Marketing (Ep 241)
23:06 - Startup Castle Closes/Lieb's Brain Feed (Ep 255)
27:29 - Uptown Girl Game (Ep 259)
33:59 - The Lieb Brother's Shoplift (Ep 271)
44:22 - Idaho Tinder Names (Ep 256)
54:12 - Slut Shaming the Black Widow (Ep 248)
1:04:41 - The Elusive Female Urethra/Italian Fathers, Irish Mothers (Ep 272)
1:14:21 - Jaden Smith and Aerosmith (Ep 272)
1:23:21 - Office Kevin (Ep 262)
1:28:49 - 50 Shades of Lieb (Ep 238)
1:32:53 - Name of the Year Draft Bios (Ep 243)
1:36:00 - Jack White Pens a Letter/Jupiter Ascending's Beeus Ex Machina (Ep 239)
1:40:10 - Oliver Stone's Snowden (Ep 255)
1:48:00 - Technology of Future Past (Ep 273)
1:55:10 - The Game's Instagram Erotic Fiction
2:05:17 - Lieb's Brother (Ep 271)


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It's a special edition FilmDrunk Frotcast! Where we actually discuss and review a movie! Justin Halpern and Pat Schumacker from Shit My Dad Says, Laremy Legel from Film.com, and comedian Matt Lieb join (Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk) to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Obviously, there will be Star Wars spoilers. Topics include: Hey, whats up with the Force? Who is Rey's father? Does Luke Skywalker ever use the force to jerk off? Why is Kylo Ren so bad at being a bad guy? And finally, Adam Driver: Surprisingly not Jewish. Enjoy, and we'll be back with a best-of next week.


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Is Creed the first boxing movie about a black boxer? The fact that none of us can think of another one says enough. This week we talk Creed, and about Hoodslam, the pro wrestling event we went to in Oakland, play the royalty-free music freestyle challenge, discuss The Big Short, and get an update from Ben, now that he's back in the country. This week's Frotcrew: Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, and SF comedian by way of Somerville, Massachusetts, Stevie Post.

6:32 - Talking Creed. Is Sylvester Stallone actually a good actor? Vince takes pro, Stevie Post takes the con.
24:15 - The Royalty-Free Music Freestyle Challenge. Matt Lieb debuts his Randy Newman impression.
28:20 - HOODSLAM. Matt and I discuss attending our first live pro wrestling event since making Whoop Dreams at the Gathering of the Juggalos.
39:58 - Ben joins us via Skype.
44:24 - Matt talks about his time in terrestrial radio, and this week's meme: "If radio had been invented after the internet, it would be the biggest thing ever."
51:35 - Donald Trump. Do we should try to shout him down, or stop feeding the troll?
1:03:40 - Ben discusses his travels through Europe.
1:10:50 - Matt becomes extremely adamant about preferring the "perfect woman, but with a penis" over a masculine man, but with a vagina. "I'm not attracted to men, but I am not un-attracted to dicks."
1:25:00 - The Big Short. Remembering the mortgage crisis, and the idea of the open-source true story movie. 


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This week's show: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Superhero movie fatigue. The Night Before. Brooklyn. The Leftovers (plus Damon Lindelof, Lost, Prometheus). Fargo. Jaden Smith. Old-timey renditions of classic rock songs. Enjoy!

3:30 - Breaking down the Batman v Superman trailer.
12:00 - We talk superhero movie fatigue, and why all the superheroes have to fight each other now. Can't they just be friends?!
16:30 - Personal stories with Matt Lieb: Making out with his RA to the sound of Tracy Chapman and Maroon 5, and "The Ghosts of Boners Past."
20:45 - Matt has some conspiracy theories about the female anatomy vis a vis where the pee comes from.
29:54 - Matt Lieb saw The Night Before, which we discuss briefly, before launching into Brooklyn, which he also saw.
42:15 - We rank Thanksgiving side dishes.
53:00 - The Leftovers. Is it so good that everyone has to take back all the crap they talked on Damon Lindelof?
1:04:00 - Brendan and Matt plug Fargo.
1:09:00 - Jaden Smith's book of "modern day philosophy" in which he plans to discuss "string theory and chaos theory, but more mystical." This leads us to "Jaden Smith Bingo," to determine if we can anticipate the life cycle of a psuedo-celebrity meltdown/evolution into ersatz guru. Discuss.
1:19:30 - Lots of singing for some reason.
1:21:45 - Brendan tests his theory about a 30s phonograph version of Aerosmith's "Rag Doll." It was very silly. Sadly, we learned of Scott Weiland's death five minutes after we finished recording.


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It's the James Bond episode! After seeing Spectre, I asked around to find out which were the "can't miss" James Bond movies, and more than one person suggested The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), starring Roger Moore. We invited back fan favorite Jane Harrison, to try to see classic '70s sexism through the eyes of an actual millennial female. That was the idea, anyway. The undisputed highlight of this week's episode was the return of "Matt Lieb Adds Lyrics To Royalty-Free Music."

1:45 - Matt and Jane have the same therapist, who apparently sees half the San Francisco comedy community.
5:00 - Matt Lieb tells us all about the comedic stylings of famous anti-Semitic French comedian, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala.
11:30 - Bond discussion begins. Matt Lieb reveals The Spy Who Loved Me is his second ever Bond movie. Jane explains to the dudes why Daniel Craig is sexy.
13:15 - Matt Lieb claims women didn't find him attractive until Adam Driver.
15:10 - We get an update from Ben! Or try to, until we realize his message has been horribly garbled.
29:13 - Matt and I admit to not "getting" Drake (shocking, I know). Jane explains "Hotline Bling."
34:44 - Bret shows up, and the return of "Matt Lieb Improvises Lyrics To Royalty-Free Songs."
39:06 - Matt improvises "It's Your Corporate Birthday," easily the best song in the history of Matt Lieb singing royalty-free music.
46:45 - We let autocorrect compose texts for us, just to see what kind of personal spam our individual word clouds produce.
50:00 - Autocorrect composes lyrics to royalty-free music.
53:00 - Matt reads The Game's erotic eggplant Friday fiction. #PunchinThatMonkey
58:00 - Back to The Spy Who Loved Me in earnest.
1:04:00 - We bring Spectre into the mix. Not too spoilery.
1:07:00 - Is Bond creepy or rapey?
1:12:30 - Matt Lieb talks about his brother stealing his food and spitting on his sandwiches. LISTENER ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT WEEK: Send me your stories of horrible sibling torture. frotcast@gmail.com. 415 275 0030
1:20:00 - Answering listeners' relationship questions. (No poop stories this week, shockingly).
1:29:00 - We go deep with Jane Harrison, all about her parents and cocaine, which leads into an earnest discussion of The Male Gaze. (See? Matt leaves and we immediately get serious).


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We're back! This week, we listen to Ben Carson's campaign songs (country AND rap), go down the Todd Starnes rabbit hole, discuss Project Greenlight and The Leisure Class, and comedian Joe Sinclitico joins to discuss his own experience making independent film. Vince Mancini, comedian Matt Lieb, and co-host Bret are all in studio.

00:00 - We decide Bret looks like either a '20s stockbroker who's been in an opium den for weeks or Howard Hughes, which leads us to a discussion of our favorite Scorsese movies.

14:00 - We listen to Ben Carson's incredible new campaign songs and his beliefs about Joseph building the Egyptian Pyramids. Matt Lieb turns Ben Carson's campaign song into "Uptown Girl."

25:00 - We discover Fox News contributor Todd Starnes, aka Mama's Little Piss Boy. We read excerpts from his books, God Less and 'They Popped My Hood And Found Gravy On The Dipstick.' I swear to God that's a real book (with foreward by Mike Huckabee).

35:40 - Joe Sinclitico joins via Skype. He tells a story about his friend running into Roz from Game of Thrones at Astro Burger.

50:00 - We discuss Project Greenlight and the Project Greenlight movie, The Leisure Class. Whose fault is it that it's so bad?

1:16:00 - Joe tells us about his experience starring in a micro budget feature in El Paso, and we read your emails. Enjoy!


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Bret and Brendan join FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini in the Frotquarters as we talk to 'Sad Bastard' author Lee Keeler, Justin Bieber's nudes, Playboy, the Steve Jobs movie, Greg Hardy and domestic violence, and how to get "dad woke."

2:30 - Justin Bieber's penis pics, and the phenomenon of celebrity parents' saying super creepy things about their kids.
7:25 - The Tod Maffin Update! We still don't know for certain that #Content #Marketing expert Tod Maffin is a real person and not a robot, but we love him. Somehow all of his friends all sound like Tim & Eric/Pynchon characters.
9:30 - We try to sing Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" with our mouths for some reason.
17:35 - Lee Keeler, comedian, writer, producer, joins us to talk about 'Sad Bastard: Practical Wisdom For the Modern A$$hole.' The first non-aspirational men's magazine.
41:20 - Playboy drops nudes. We discuss how advertising is building us pigeonholes and the compartmentalization of desire.
52:00 - One of our favorite subjects, Bryant Gumbel sounding like an obnoxious douche.
54:00 - Brendan leads us into a discussion of Greg Hardy and the NFL's trouble with domestic violence. Brendan coins the term "Dad Woke."
1:02:00 - 'Steve Jobs,' and Aaron Sorkin. Is there anyone else so simultaneously talented and infuriating?
1:19:15 - EMAILS. We advise a listener (probably badly) who wants to know how to hit on a girl in his film class.


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Comedian Matt Lieb joins FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini and Bret to talk The Leftovers premiere, Commando's 30th anniversary, kayak lady, the worst Matt Damon editorial ever written, and how online marketing is trying to ruin English. 

2:00 - Matt tries to defend John From Cincinnati

4:00 - Matt quits Talk 9, gets a farewell from Gary From Fremont. "Is all of life, just repeating the mantra 'This is what I wanted?'"

5:20 - Commando talk

10:49 - Bret and Matt try to guess how many people get killed in Commando. 

14:00 - We finally talk about the Kayak Bear Lady, which hit just after we recorded last week's show. Matt provides the voice of the bear.

17:42 - WELCOME TO TECH HELL. Are online marketing "gurus" trying to destroy English? We go down the terrifying rabbit hole. Sample sentence: "Content marketing providers will focus on solutions partners."

38:27 - My story about how I put a couch on the street and accidentally created an artificial reef for hobos.

40:55 - We've discovered the world's hottest Matt Damon hot take, "Earth to Matt Damon, It's 2015."

54:00 - John From Cincinnatti. Turns out Matt Lieb was the one guy who liked this show.

55:00 - The Leftovers, and is it just going to Lost us? (It's a little spoilery, I suppose, but pretty vague). 

1:00:00 - Bret's bizarre sex dreams, "where I'm pushing a little sea lion around in my palm." 

1:08:10 - Your emails and voice mails. 


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Matt Damon thinks gays should stay in the closet!? Tyrese thinks Vin Diesel should direct Furious 8?! The Blackberry CEO had an aneurysm? All this and more in this week's #Frotcast #Content. Film.com's Laremy Legel joins FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini, with veteran Frotcasters Bret and Brendan this week.

Opening - Brendan rants about Draft Kings, and also NFL. 
7:19 - Song of the week, the slow cover of Smash Mouth's "All Star."
8:33 - The CEO of Blackberry wins the all-time prize for terrible tech speak.
11:00 - We try to figure out how tech speak got so bad. 
13:45 - Brendan discovers Slack. We discuss the phenomenon of one tech company that does the exact same thing as another one being worth a billion dollars. 
18:08 - Laremy's articulate thoughts on 'Everest.' 
22:37 - This week in misleading thinkpiece headlines: Matt Damon thinks gays should stay in the closet (or does he?)
32:05 - Danger Guerrero's pitch for "Zoo Heist." 
37:20 - My encounter with a "social media expert," and her expertise regarding #Brands. We invent a new social media job - Doggregator. It's someone who's an aggregator of dog Instagrams. 
42:00 - Brendan experiences Soul Cycle and other milennial exercise trends.
45:30 - An emailer explains the origin of Coors Light's ad campaign (note: I'm not going to fact check this). 
50:00 - Laremy reads his list about Everest.
56:37 - Yet another listener with a smug bidet story. 
1:00:00 - The fascinating existence of Tyrese Gibson
1:14:00 - People naming their children "Katniss Everdeen." We scour the best seller list to find out who we could've been named after.
1:16:00 - What caused this week's Brendan's laughing jag? Tyrese calling himself "Voltron Chairman."

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Bret and Laremy (from Film.com) join FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini for another #Content-filled Frotcast, from Mr. Robot and Show Me A Hero, to pharma bro villain Martin Shkreli and internet anti-hero Nicole Arbour. We also talk the 2015 Oscar race and Johnny Depp burying his baubles. Enjoy.

1:00 - Laremy explains why Brad & Laremy on Movies no longer exists and why his dog is always biting people.
3:45 - Mr. Robot Talk
7:30 - Mr. Robot vs. Fight Club
8:20 - Spoilery dicussion of Show Me A Hero. "Oscar Isaac, I am in his teenage fan club." -Bret. (ends around the 11-minute mark)
19:00 - The new Last Witch Hunter trailer. 
23:00 - The Boston guys on the boat who have discovered A BABY FACKIN WHALE, MAN. Everyone sent us this clip today, but SUPRISE, we already heard and talked about it.
28:00 - Johnny Depp's burying-my-baubles commercial. 
30:25 - Martin Shkreli, the AIDS drug-price-raising pharma bro, plus, my controversial theory that people hate his face more than anything he has said or done. 
34:00 - I PREDICTED a pro-Martin Shkreli thinkpiece, which came to pass before we'd even edited.
35:00 - The DirecTV commercials, and have they taken a weird, quasi-homophobic turn?
40:00 - Coors Light ads. 
43:20 - Nicole Arbour and her latest video. Our hypothesis: Nicole Armour is the monster that internet celebrity has created. Bret worries that he is Nicole Arbour. 
1:03:55 - Oscar contenders. What will they be?? Our predictions.
1:10:18 - Your emails, including how to deal with your terrible film school classmates. Bret and I swap college film class stories.

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Did you miss the core Frot crew? Close to a full house this week with Vince, Bret, Brendan, and Matt Lieb all back in the Frotquarters to talk Steve Rannazzisi on 9/11, bad festival Q&A questions, Terrence Howard, and Draft Kings.com, the official sponsor of everything repetitive and terrible.

1:12 - We introduce our new fake sponsor, Draft Kings.com

5:00 - Brendan and Bret review the Lightning Elemental Pilsner I got for BeerDrunk last week.

8:20 - Brendan is still angry how often he has had to see that Draft Kings ad.

8:54 - The Tech Awfulness Update: Remember Leap, the fancy San Franciso bus company? Wellll, they're bankrupt. That was fast, wasn't it?

16:00 - We read our favorite parts of the Australian Monday Night Football live blog.

22:56 - Brendan finally gets to weigh in about Straight Outta Compton.

27:30 - A lengthy discussion of bad movie Q&As: why are they so terrible? Are terrible questions peculiar to movies, or does this happen at any question and answer session? People who ask terrible questions: do they ask them everywhere, or just about movies? Discuss.

41:13 - An example of a bad Q & A question that nearly kills Brendan.

51:50 - Matt Lieb shows up and we talk about his visit to Kink.com, and the complicated politics of BDSM.

1:02:45 - We talk about Steve Rannazzisi's fake 9/11 story, with Bret dubbing him a "9/11 Non-Truther." We decide Draft Kings.com is the official sponsor of 9/11.

1:13:15 - We accidentally discover a new character, "Truther Jerry Seinfeld," and it almost kills Brendan. We have to take a recess while he composes himself.

1:14:23 - Terrence Howard and his controversial math theory.

1:24:00 - We finish off with your emails, including a strangely heartwarming success story about anal sex. The power of the frotcast is real!


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Just Vince and Laremy talking movies, sports, and the VMAs this week! Topics include the VMAs, Hard Knocks, Idris Elba/James Bond-gate, The Danish Girl, and more. #Content!

2:00 - We get deep about Laremy's Bell's Palsy
6:00 - Laremy wants to know about my trip to Montana
9:00 - I tell Laremy about the German lady crashing her ATV.
17:40 - Laremy gives us his long-awaited thoughts on Straight Outta Compton.
23:00 - Laremy and I argue about Southpaw.
29:50 - The great "is Iris Elba too street to play James Bond" debate.
37:54 - Laremy has discovered the new most asinine NFL column ever written.
43:30 - Hard Knocks talk
48:50 - The VMAs and Miley Cyrus (did you guys know she f*cks now?).
52:35 - Laremy tries to sell me on Josh Gad.
54:35 - I read Josh Gad's brilliant treatise on why Mike Nichols and Bill Cosby are different people.
1:11:00 - We pour one out for the now-defunct Brad and Laremy on movies :-(
1:13:45 - I pose the question: what's more potentially Oscar-baity, Cate Blanchett playing Lucille Ball in an Aaron Sorkin movie or Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl.


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This week, we're joined by video game champion/comedian/podcaster/documentarian Jason Dove, who tells us about his documentary about Dread Zeppelin, and his long journey into novelty music. The mash-up concept fits perfectly with the film I saw this week, We Are Your Friends. Other topics include the Suge Knight-Eazy E AIDS conspiracy, and the random "I'm Leaving You" essay generator. Enjoy!

00 - Bret's new job. "Same old trash, brand new dumpster."

5:30 - Fun with "Leaving Everywhere," Darius Kazemi's bot that automatically generates "Why I'm Leaving _____" essays for every city using the 2013 American Community Survey.

13:30 - I discuss the Most San Francisco Street incident that I witnessed the other day, where a wannabe hall monitor waiting for the bus tried to drought shame a guy using a hose to clean the sidewalk, at which point he became indignant and called her a "snitch ass twat." All while I live tweeted it from my fire escape. 

26:15 - Matt Lieb turns Korn into Uptown Girl

27:30 - I play the trailer for We Are Your Friends for the gang and then we discuss We Are Your Friends.

41:00 - We talk about our new favorite conspiracy theory, that Suge Knight killed Eazy E by injecting him with AIDs.

48:38 - Jason Dove talks about the documentary he's making about Dread Zeppelin, a group that turns Zeppelin tunes into reggae songs with a 300-pound Elvis impersonator for a lead singer. 

49:00 - Brief interlude with Matt Lieb's new character, "Kevin the guy in the office no one really likes."

1:21:00 - We talk about Bret and I's favorite musical games, including out-of-order Tom Petty lyrics, and new lines for "Thank God I'm a Country Boy." (Try it at home!)

1:25:00 - Your emails.

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This morning I posted my interview with Bobcat Goldthwait about Call Me Lucky (my review), which hits more theaters this weekend. Just for fun (or in case you want to hear it in your car), here's the audio from that interview. Bobcat talks about his relationship with Barry Crimmins (the subject of Call Me Lucky), and with Robin Williams and Rowdy Roddy Piper. We talked about his early days of stand-up, and I asked him about performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos, since I knew we'd both been there. It was the first time since the Gathering that an interview subject has said "whoop whoop" to me. Enjoy.


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Joshua Oppenheimer has spent 14 years in Indonesia, interviewing survivors of a 1965 purge of alleged communists that killed up to a million people. He co-directed the 2012 film 'Act of Killing,' which focused on commandos and militia leaders who bragged about the killings. Oppenheimer got them to open up under the guise of helping them make a film about their "heroic" actions. His latest, 'Look of Silence' is a companion piece, if much different, tonally, focusing on the victims. If 'Act of Killing' was lurid and macabre, even freewheeling, 'The Look of Silence' is somber, weighed down by ghosts of the past. It's heavy, even oppressive. As Oppenheimer says, it's "a film about memory and oblivion."


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SB Nation video (and text!) personality Matt Ufford guest stars this week (with Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini) as we talk about Pixels/Adam Sandler, and this week in pop culture, including Gawker's Geithner drama, getting to the bottom of Taylor Swift's latest beef, and our Pistol Drone for President campaign. Plus, your emails.

00:00 - Matt Lieb's wonderful comedy bit about electric skateboards.
2:00 - PIXELS. I describe the plot for Ufford. "I would not have come on this week if I knew this was what I was in for."
6:30 - We talk about Ufford's tweet about Adam Sandler's 'Fart Vacation,' and what it says about Adam Sandler movies that some people thought this was a real movie.
8:43 - GAWKER DRAMA. We talk about Max Read and Tommy Craggs resigning from Gawker after Gawker took down the Geithner post, and what would have to happen for us to resign in protest from a job we otherwise liked (this from a current Vox employee and an Uproxx employee).
19:30 - The way the current advertising system creates an environment that produces the kinds of shitty, click-bait content everyone hates, even the people writing it. 
20:50 - Matt Lieb finds his new least favorite Gawker post, "the bravery of Judd Apatow knows no bounds," a snarky takedown of Judd Apatow's Cosby impression. Ufford and I explain the inside-baseball factors that cause a post like that to get written, and Lieb and I discuss the viability of Cosby jokes.
33:36 - We breakdown my new favorite Amy Schumer thinkpiece, from the Guardian, about how Amy Schumer is now *too* successful, and how that could be "potentially problematic" for her. And society. Or something.
44:22 - PISTOL DRONE FOR PRESIDENT! Ufford and Bret's new social media campaign
48:30 - THE TAYLOR SWIFT BEEFDOWN. We try to parse Katy Perry's incredibly obtuse tweet, and the Matts help us get to the root of the now-legendary Katy Perry/Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj beef triangle. "I used to know calculus!" sighs Ufford. 
58:26 - Your emails. Starting with the guy whose friend named his son "Revin," continuing with the guy whose on-again-off-again girlfriend is banging her platonic friend on a European island somewhere and how he should feel about that.

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Brendan, Bret, and Matt Lieb are out this week (illnesses and extenuating circumstances, couldn't be helped), but in their place we've got Laremy Legel and Ashley Burns joining via Skype. As well as SO MUCH #CONTENT. Turns out, when Matt isn't around to discuss his sex life, you go deep into the actual Issues of the Day. I'm on the fence about whether this is a good thing. The Ant-Man spoilers are very light, but if you want to avoid them completely, skip from the 27-minutes mark to 34 and you'll miss everything.


4:44: This week's fanboy cry sesh: Comic-Con exclusives! Are they exclusive enough anymore? 

5:25: Hey, what ever happened to Nikki Finke?

19:46: Suicide Squad trailer

23:00: C-Tates helping Stan Lee offstage at Comic-Con, and the future of Stan Lee cameos. Like if Stan Lee dies, will Andy Serkis help digitally recreate a Stan Lee cameo?

26:43: First mention of Ant-Man

27:26: Ant-Man end-credits scene spoiler!

28:08: Another Ant-Man end-credits scene spoiler. (sort of. ends about about 28:40)

33:09 - 33:45 Very vague Ant-Man spoilers.

34:50 - 35:30 More slight, vague Ant-Man spoilers.

37:33: Burnsy has a story about meeting a guy from O-Town who is also named Ashley.

38:57: Trainwreck and Judd Apatow. Does he add Melissa-McCarthy-shitting-in-the-street scenes into lady-centric movies to sell them to dudes, or is he just getting blamed for something that's someone else's doing? 

45:35: Peter Berg and Caitlyn Jenner

50:05: We try to parse my new favorite RottenTomatoes pull quote. "I'm not sure who's most responsible for Trainwreck's ultimate timidity, for the mordant ribaldry evinced in the first half hour or so inexorably oozing into couple-y goo."

1:09:35: Question from the emails: What is the most 90s movie? 

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First of all... DON'T FREAK OUT! I opened this week's show with about a minute of Matt Lieb's stand up. It's something I've been wanting to experiment with. After that, it's a regular Frotcast, with Matt Lieb, Bret, and Vince, live in studio. 

This week's topics!
-What do deaf people sound like when they orgasm? (Don't ask how we got on this subject)
-The 'rules' of comedy and thinkpiece culture.
-HBO - Game of Thrones and that BIG TWIST in True Detective
-The new 'Snowden' movie and Oliver Stone.
-Danny Boyle's 'Steve Jobs' and Aaron Sorkin in general. (Quoth Bret: "In the first draft of all Aaron Sorkin's scripts, the female characters are all named 'MY EX-WIFE.'")
-The Startup Castle gets evicted

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This week on the Frotcast, Ben and Burnsy join via Skype, with Vince, Bret, and Steve Post in the Frotquarters. We talk about the first episode of season two of True Detective, an HBO show about some police officers who drink a lot and are very sad about the absurdity of existence. Alt titles: "California Pout Force." "Grumbleteam Jelloshots." "The Misanthropolice." My hypothesis: Colin Farrell's character isn't a bad dad. His only crime is caring *too* much. 

Then I address all my numerous haters, from Entourage fans to the defenders of Inside Out's 100% RottenTomatoes rating. We suspect Pixar sends everyone who defends them in internet comment sections a free pie if they reach 100% on RottenTomatoes and I ruined it for everyone. We talk about Ballers, Burny gives us the latest scoop from Florida, and Steve Post admits that he took a picture of Chris Pratt to the barber and put his thumb over the face. "Make me look like that," he said, and now he looks like a thumb with Chris Pratt's hair. Enjoy. 

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